What Autofocus System Does the Atomstack AC1 Camera Use?

Atomstack AC1 Camera Use

The Atomstack AC1 Camera is the perfect accessory to enhance your laser engraving experience. This innovative industrial camera works in conjunction with the Lightburn software on your computer to allow for precise positioning of your workpieces, resulting in accurate and stunning engravings every time. This system is easy to use and a real game-changer when used with the Atomstack Maker frame laser engraver.

The AC1 camera is a high-definition industrial digital camera, specially customized and deeply matched for the Atomstack laser engraving machines with frames. It features 500W pixel high-definition capabilities to capture photos and videos, which provides for precise positioning of the workpieces after simple calibration. The automatic positioning function allows the laser to find the edges of the carving materials and the engraved objects without error, with a positioning accuracy of less than 1 mm. It also enables multitask engraving, allowing the laser to autonomously locate carving objects and work under its guidance.

The Atomstack AC1 Camera solves the positioning problem of special-shaped patterns by allowing users to design directly on the surface of their supplies, ensuring that what they see is exactly what they get when finished. Moreover, it also helps users to know whether the workpieces are properly aligned. Through the delayed shooting function, the entire process of engraving and cutting can be recorded in a video to provide visibility and observability.

What Autofocus System Does the Atomstack AC1 Camera Use?

This USB camera is compatible with Windows and Mac systems (Lightburn software must be purchased separately). It comes with a lens of your choice, a 3.2 meter (10 foot) cable, and a power adapter. For more information on this incredible camera, visit the official website today. Despite its impressive array of features, the Atomstack AC1 remains remarkably compact and portable. Its sleek design and lightweight construction make it the ideal companion for photographers and content creators on the move. Whether you’re exploring distant landscapes or documenting everyday life, the AC1’s portability ensures you never miss a moment.

The Atomstack AC1 Camera comes equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to seamlessly transfer their images and 3D scans to smartphones, tablets, or computers. Additionally, the camera supports various file formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of software and applications.

The Atomstack AC1 Camera’s innovative features open up a world of possibilities across various industries and creative disciplines. From architecture and engineering to art and design, the AC1’s 3D scanning capability finds application in fields that demand precise and detailed imaging.

In the realm of content creation and social media, the Atomstack AC1’s light painting feature adds an element of uniqueness that sets creators apart in a crowded digital landscape. The ability to transform 3D scans into physical engravings further broadens the scope of applications for artists and entrepreneurs alike.

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