What are the different types of marine tanks?

In total, there are 4 main types of marine aquariums:

1. Fish-only configuration
This setting is just water and fish, easy to maintain, but more reliant on you doing water changes to keep fish healthy. I know this setup sounds boring, but if you lead a busy life and would still like to enjoy your marine aquarium after returning home from a hard day, then this setup is for you. Fish-only setups can still look just as good as a live rock and coral setup. You can get decorative rocks, corals, sand, and even add what people call a cleaning kit consisting of snails, shrimp, and hermit crabs, this setup generally requires very little maintenance.

2. Fish with live rock
This setup is slightly different than the fish-only setup, because instead of adding ornamental rocks, you add Live Rock – the live rock comes from the sea and is made of decaying limestone and coral skeleton, and is covered with good algae that They are beneficial for the eco system in your tank, you can get anything from snails, crabs to starfish that travel from the sea on this rock that then end up in your tank. Live rock tanks also lay the foundation and give you the option to convert your live rock tank to a reef tank. Live rock fish are for you.

3. Reef configuration
A reef tank setup is the most rewarding tank of all setups, this tank is a replica of the sea, it has all kinds of marine life corals, live rock, sand, hermit crabs, starfish, and sea snails etc. Everything in a reef tank is alive. These tanks are more difficult to maintain, but don’t be discouraged, with the correct information you may be able to set up and operate a reef aquarium. Reef tanks require much more maintenance than just fish and live rock tanks. So if you want to have the best experience at sea in your home, want to see more marine life and are fascinated by life under the sea, this tank is for you.

4. Nano Reef Configuration
Everything about a Nano Reef Tank is the same as a normal reef tank, everything but the size. A Nano tank is a miniature version of any tank configuration, these tanks sound easy due to their size but the truth is that there is less margin for error, the reason I say this is because the tank is so small that things they can change very quickly; for example, because there is only a small volume of water in the tank, the water temperature can change much faster than in a larger tank that has a higher volume of water. People who start out with a miniature Nano tank are more likely to be successful with a larger tank later on because they are more aware of needs and demands because they have less room for error. But don’t be put off by this, one of the first marine tanks I owned was a Nano Reef Tank, with enough research and the right information these tanks can be a joy to keep and extremely rewarding.

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