Using water filters for shower heads when you are renting

Rent, rather than home ownership, is constantly rising. One of the advantages of renting is that major repairs are often the responsibility of the landlord. But what about matters that don’t fall under your landlord’s definition of “principal”? One of these could be the quality of the bathing water. You know that getting shower head water filters can make your showers a much more pleasant experience, but do you have the legal right to install them in your rented bathroom?

usually yes

Although you should always check with your landlord for details, most landlords will allow you to make minor, non-permanent changes to your bathroom fixtures. And installing water filters in your shower head can definitely qualify as non-permanent changes. With many types of shower head water filters, you don’t even need to hire a plumber or bother your homeowner to install them.

Shower head water filters have come a long way in the last decade. They used to be huge systems that looked a lot like little water heaters. But you no longer need those huge water filtration systems to have a healthier and more enjoyable shower. There are many types of shower head filters that easily screw onto your existing shower head.

Your landlord will not pay for the shower head water filter. However, most of the quality small filters you’ll need are under $50 (US), so you won’t be risking not being able to pay your rent because you want a decent shower for a change.

Some types of shower head water filters have one or two month free trial periods to see if there is a significant improvement to your showering experience. With a few minutes of comparison shopping online, you can easily find these companies.

When your water needs help

How do you know that your bath water is not the healthiest for you and your family? It’s pretty easy to find out. And remember, just because you don’t drink this water, doesn’t mean it doesn’t get into your body. Anything in that water enters your body through your skin absorbing it.

When you try to shower:

o Does the water smell very bad?

or Can’t get a decent lather from your soap and shampoo?

o Is your skin itchy or red after a shower?

If any of these things happen, then you really should consider getting a shower head water filter.

You never know until you ask

It’s always best to ask your landlord’s permission to install a water filter in your shower head before going ahead and doing it. Some will ask you to take it off when you decide to leave the house. The shower head filters should pop right out, making them easy to remove. And some owners couldn’t care less!

But most homeowners appreciate getting some kind of feedback on their tenants’ home improvements, especially if you’re willing to foot the water filter bill. It shows that you respect the property you are renting.

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