Work like the light where you work

When I visited England when I was young, South Africans were in high demand. If a South African applied for a job, he had a good chance of getting it. Because South Africans were workers. They could do a lot of things and they weren’t afraid to do the job the Pommies despised.

Young South Africans seeking employment had a good reputation, because those who preceded them were good employees.

So it should also be with Christians. When people hear that you, as a Christian, are applying for a job, they must want to name you right away, because your predecessor brother or sister was a good employee. Unfortunately, however, the opposite is true. In my short time as an employer, I eventually became so wary of those who were so free with their Christianity that I began to think twice about naming someone like that.

That is a regrettable situation.

This instruction applies to all of us: 9-10Guide slaves to become loyal workers, an advantage to their masters: no negative comments, no petty theft. Then your good character will shine through your actions, adding brilliance to the teaching of our Savior God.

We must be honest and trustworthy in everything. We must do the work as if we own the business. Each of us must embrace the owner’s dream and do our best. No, we have to do more. We must look for places where we can add even more value and take the business to even greater heights.

Being a Christian employee doesn’t just mean you won’t steal. No, such an employee must always be willing to do more. Such an employee must always arrive on time, sometimes even a little earlier. He or she will always follow the instructions given to him to the best of his ability.

Henry (e-sword) added:
keeping his secrets and advice, dispatching his affairs and handling them frugally, and for the benefit of his master as much as possible; taking good care of your trusts and preventing, to the best of your ability, any deterioration, loss or damage.

Employees often think that they are at the end of the food chain and cannot offer much to the Kingdom of God. But that is far from the truth. Each of us is called to be a shining light wherever we work. Go and be a good work light where you work. Do your part and more. Do what God wants you to do. Make your call.

And if you are an employer, make it easy for your employees to be good Christian employees. Because then the whole world can see how wonderful our Father is. Then they will be able to see with their own eyes what the salvation of Jesus on the cross means.

All to glorify his name.

Holy Scripture
Titus 2: 9-10

Do you do your part at work?
Do you do more than is expected of you?
What does God expect of you at work?

Lord, how can I be a good Christian worker in my work environment? Help me to have the courage and the will to start doing it differently. Amen.

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