Where to Shop in Punta Cana – A Vacation From Your Vacation

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is a vacation destination like no other. Where more traditional resorts like Cabo or Cancun were somewhat gentrified before their current, more glamorous state, Punta Cana was barely a third-world city before it was seemingly conquered and turned into a mass of hotels and attractions and beaches. all included. amenities in front.

Likewise, vacationing in Punta Cana is limited to the resort; they spread out and overlap each other, and the chance of it doing anything outside of a Punta Cana resort affiliation is pretty slim.

To combat any claustrophobia that may arise as a result of being cooped up in his hotel, when the opportunity arises to escape the shackles of a relaxing vacation, he seizes it and embraces it.

Money: It’s not that you haven’t spent enough by the time you get to the DR, but we do spend it, regardless, even on vacation, and there are plenty of shopping malls in Punta Cana that will gladly take it. your money. While much of what you find there can usually be picked up elsewhere, some are unique to the country and its culture.

Craft Center – It offers everything from hammocks, handmade before you, to pieces of guayacán wood, to live shows. The Craft Center inhabits a natural Dominican environment and the crafts sold there are typically authentic and native to the country.

bavero square – The largest shopping center in Punta Cana. A diverse selection of stores populates the premises, ranging from pharmacies to cheesy souvenir shops.

punta cana square – A smaller bank of shops, located opposite the Occidental Flamenco.

El Cortesito Market – Right on the beach and offering traditional Dominican food and textiles. It offers an eclectic sampling of the country’s culture and its various exports.

If it weren’t for a few novelty souvenirs, or the occasional deal, leaving your Punta Cana resort and going shopping could be your vacation of a vacation.

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