Top 7 Photography Apps for Your Smartphones and Tablets

Advanced mobile technology has allowed us to get the most out of our smartphones and tablets. In addition to sending SMS, making calls and browsing, smartphones can now be used as substitutes for digital cameras. Many people who own tablets also use their devices to take photos. Although these devices cannot be compared to high-end DSLRs and DSLRs in terms of photographic quality, there are applications that allow users to create more than normal images.

Here are seven apps that smartphone and tablet users can use to enhance their photography experience. The applications are divided according to their main function or characteristic.

Editing and filtering applications

The most popular photo applications are those used to edit and / or filter images. These apps give anyone the opportunity to create a photo that they can be proud of.

1. Instagram (Android, iOS)

Probably the most popular photo editing app on the market, Instagram is the favorite of many smartphone and tablet users because it is multi-functional. Besides allowing you to take photos and filter or add effects to them, this app also acts as a social network. You can easily post and share your photos with friends and followers. You can connect your Instagram account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Instagram has filters (both custom and standard) that are the easiest to use. Filters allow you to add special effects to your photos so that they have more depth. You will also find its “selective focus eyedropper” quite useful.

In addition to the smartphone and tablet, Instagram can also be accessed through a computer.

2. Hipstamatic (iOS)

IPhone users take square photos with the Hipstamatic digital photography app. Photos can be edited to look rustic, as if they were taken with an old-fashioned type of camera. This is possible thanks to the filters and effects of the software. The app has three types of flashes, four lenses, and three types of film that you can choose from. Additional effects can be purchased if you are not satisfied with the free ones.

People who like analog photos use Hipstamatic.

3. Snapseed (iOS and Android)

Released as Snapseed Mobile for iPad in 2011, this photo app allows users to edit part or all of the image. It’s easy to use – there’s an auto-correction feature that can work wonders on your photo’s brightness, contrast, color, texture, and other equally important elements of photography. There are also filters and effects that you can choose from.

Snapseed allows you to upload your photos to Google+. However, you will have to shell out a few bucks because it is not free like other photo editing apps.

Replacement or alternative camera apps

If you want an alternative to your standard smartphone camera, you will need to find a good replacement camera app. Here are two of them.

4. Camera + (iOS)

Designed for iPhone and iPad, Camera + is the ultimate replacement camera for iOS users. It offers a variety of functions that will make your photography experience a success. Its most exciting feature is touch exposure and focus, giving you full control over how your photo should turn out. Should it be as dark as night or as light as day? You are free to adjust focus and exposure separately.

Also, you can choose different shooting modes (like burst and point-and-shoot) and then enhance your photos with just a touch of your finger. Like Snapseed, it is not free.

5. Pudding Camera (Android)

The Android camera replacement phone app is Pudding Camera. With nine types of quality cameras and eight films to use, this application allows you to take photos with different effects. You can take motion shots with a retro film or a panoramic shot with an old film.

The Pudding Camera doesn’t have video features, but it’s free, so it’s definitely worth a try.

Other photo apps for your smartphone and tablet

There are a variety of apps that offer features like photo collages and panoramic cameras. Here’s one of each:

6. PhotoGrid (iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8)

PhotoGrid is an application that is used specifically for photos on Instagram. It allows users to create a variety of collages that they can share not only on Instagram, but also on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Picasa, among others.

You can choose from different modes, collage styles, and frames or grids. Rearranging photos in a grid is easy – just shake the phone! Other plugins include stickers, decorative backgrounds, and fonts that you can use to insert text on photos.

7. 360 Panorama (iOS and Android)

Take panoramic photos of your favorite landscapes with the 360 ​​Panorama app. What makes this program great is the fact that it processes photos in real time. This means that you will see how the panoramic shot unfolds as you take the photos. There is no need to wait for each frame to be processed.

Like most of the photo apps on this list, 360 Panorama allows sharing on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can also email your photos to other people.

These are just seven of the best photography apps for smartphones and tablets. They may not make your iOS or Android images look as impressive as SLR photos, but they will definitely make you a fan of photography. Try them now and you will have a more exciting photography experience!

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