The invisible or ‘spiritual’ world around us: is it real?

1. The ‘invisible’ world has ‘power’

Most people can relate to connecting an appliance to a wall outlet to use electrical power to operate one of many modern appliances. Electricity cannot be seen or heard, but we instantly know its presence if we accidentally touch one of its conductors. We readily accept that electricity exists in the ‘invisible’ world around us and that it is associated with power (or energy). As with fire, electricity can be our servant if we maintain control over it, or it can kill us if we show disrespect to it.

There are other examples of energy sources present in the ‘invisible’ world if we take the time to consider them. Magnetism is a good example of this, because technology has harnessed the energy contained within the invisible magnetic field that surrounds a magnet to produce small and large amounts of electrical energy. Other invisible forces that we can relate to in a similar way are nuclear (power generation and medical), microwave (medical, domestic cooking), wind and solar (renewable energy), etc. – however, we simply accept the presence of these (invisible) energy sources without asking too many questions. However, its physical presence (such as poles and power lines) stands as a silent sentinel to indicate that there is possibly more to the invisible world around us than simply drawing the energy we need from it.

If from the above evidence we accept that there is an ‘invisible’ world from which we extract energy, then it is worth considering that there may be other ‘things’ that also inhabit this ‘invisible’ world.

2. The ‘invisible’ world has ‘spirits’

It is easy to rule out the possibility of ‘spirit’ beings inhabiting the invisible world around us, but it is interesting to note that clairvoyants and psychics not only have the ability to contact these ‘spirits’ but can also communicate with them. A quick Google search can confirm that, for various reasons, people from all walks of life turn to those offering these spiritual services for help. Most psychics offer their services to business leaders and individuals when they need some “spiritual guidance” at difficult times in their lives. These people turn to certain ‘spirit beings’ to mediate information between this invisible world and our physical world for their earthly clients. This statement is an established fact. It can be concluded from this that both energy and ‘spirits’ inhabit the ‘invisible’ world. These spirits not only have intelligence, but can also communicate information to people through means such as clairvoyants and psychics.

If we examine human history dating back thousands of years, it can be concluded that people at all levels of society in all nations and cultures have practiced some form of religion. An ancient religion that is directly associated with spirits is witchcraft. In it, witches worship and communicate with beings in the invisible world such as earth, birds, water, reptiles, insects, mythical and extinct spirit guides, along with goblins, goblins, fairies, fauns, gnomes, goblins, nymphs and goblins. , among others. others. This claim is easily confirmed by a proper Google search. Again, this means that within the ‘invisible’ world where energy and ‘spirits’ are present, religions (such as witchcraft) continue to associate with spirit beings today in the same way that those who created their religion do. thousands of years.

3. More on the ‘Spirits’ of the ‘Invisible’ World

If we try to discover more information about religion from ancient history, any investigation would reveal that the beliefs and practices of all ancient (and modern) religions have a variety of differences. Some religions worship gods made of wood, stone, or metal, while others use a set of beliefs called “faith” that originated in writings called “holy scriptures.” Several of these religions deal with invisible spirits openly or directly, while others become less involved or ignore them altogether. Christianity is a good example of this, where some Christians just ‘pray’ and don’t do much else, while other Christians drive evil spirits out of people.

If we were to accept that the Bible is a reliable source of historical information about the types of spirit beings that exist within the spirit world, the next question might be: can we believe what the Bible reveals to us about these things or not? If we use statistics as a guide to help answer this question, we would discover that Moses wrote the Book of Genesis (the Book of Beginnings) about 3,800 years ago, and the Bible concluded with the New Testament writings of the apostles in the church. primitive. , approximately 2,000 years ago. According to Wikipedia, the number of copies of the Bible sold or distributed worldwide is in the “billions”, therefore, both from a historical and spiritual perspective, the Bible is not just a rich source of information about the humanity and the physical world. we live, but it also reveals many things about the spirit world. To ignore the Bible is to ignore an ancient source of information that has been available to the English-speaking world for some 400 years, containing the ancient writings of the books of the Old and New Testaments.

Regarding our question, (Is the Spirit World Real?) The Bible identifies the types of ‘beings’ that inhabit this invisible world. It also identifies where certain types of spirit beings are found. In this sense, the following spiritual beings have been described as inhabitants of certain ‘principalities’ that are identified below:

  • Sky. God is the Creator of everything, both in the physical and spiritual world. He is represented in the form of three separate persons: God the Father (supreme), His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
  • Cherubim and seraphim are also spirit beings who serve God in heaven.
  • Angels are mentioned in the scriptures that they inhabit heaven with God. These are called, ‘holy angels’.
  • The ‘Celestials’. There are angels mentioned in the scriptures that inhabit the regions of the upper atmosphere around the earth. These angels are the ones who oppose God’s purposes on earth and are called ‘fallen angels’.
  • Earth. Evil spirits walk on the surface of the earth and seek to enter people’s physical bodies. This usually happens when they induce people to commit acts of sin, which represents the rebellion of those created in the image of God (humanity) towards their Creator. The Bible reveals that there are a variety of evil spirits in this world that cause many forms of illness in people (both psychological and medical), but their goal is to bring about the premature death of their victims and the eternal torment of their souls.
  • Hell. The Bible reveals that there are five separate compartments located in the center of the earth that God created to imprison his rebellious spirits, both angelic and human. As all people are spiritual beings enclosed in their physical body while living on earth, when they die, their soul ascends to their Creator God or descends to Hell. The eternal destiny of each soul is determined by its sinfulness (or rebellion) towards God during its life on earth.

4. What happens when we die?

A more serious issue that should concern everyone is: what happens when we die? Is it simply “lights out” after the physical body dies as some people prefer to imagine in their ignorance, or is there an afterlife as the Bible says? To further illustrate this point, the Bible confirms that from the perspective of our Creator, the life we ​​live does not last long in terms of the timelessness of eternity. The Bible illustrates how God views each person’s life in the following Scripture verses:

(James 4:14) “… Because what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little while, and then vanishes.”

(Psalm 90: 9-10) “… we spend our years like a tale being told. {10} The days of our years are sixty years and ten [or 70]; and if because of force it is eighty years [80], however, his strength is work and pain; for it [our life] soon it cuts [in death], and we fly away [when our soul departs the dead body into the spirit world]. “

The words of Psalm 90 (above) confirm elsewhere in the Bible that we are spirit beings encased in an ‘earth suit’ that we call the human body. As long as our bodies remain alive and healthy, we (as spirit beings) can move on earth to live our lives as we choose. However, when our ‘Earth Suit’ dies, its spirit inhabitant (the human soul) is released into the timelessness of eternity and taken to one of the two places located within the spirit world (Luke 16:22).

If the soul recognized and served its Creator and His Son Jesus Christ during its earthly life, then, upon death, it will be transported to Heaven to await a judgment of rewards that will be fulfilled as ‘blessings’ that will extend into eternity (1 Cor 3 , 9-15). In contrast to this, the soul that has rejected its Creator and His Son Jesus Christ will be transported to the underworld (or Hell) to await the Day of Judgment.

(Luke 16: 23-24) “And in hell he [the rich man] he lifted up his eyes, being in torment, and saw Abraham far off, and Lazarus in his bosom. {24} And he cried out and said: Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water, and refresh my tongue; because I’m tormented in this flame. “

The defining question of where human souls are transported after death is determined by their sinfulness. It is in this life that our Creator gives us our free will to determine whether eternal life or eternal death are ‘real’, and whether we should prepare for eternal life while time remains; or choose to ignore this opportunity and bet that the Bible is simply a useless ‘fairy tale’.

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