The 5 main advantages of choosing neutral colors for the walls of your home

If you’re looking to give your home interior a fresh coat of paint, but aren’t sure which direction to go, consider a neutral palette. If you’re unfamiliar, neutral tones include ivory, beiges, grays, and white, but for the home, ivory and beiges will create that warm, inviting feel that many homeowners are interested in creating. By considering these benefits when choosing your paint color, you can see what neutral walls can do for your home:

1. A great advantage of neutrals is that they give you more freedom in choosing and changing the overall look of your room. For example, if you’ve opted for ivory walls, you can create a bold feel in the room by adding black furniture and placing red accent pieces on end tables and light fixtures. In a few years, you might feel like the look is out of date or that you would just like to tone it down. You can replace black furniture with lighter brown pieces and tone down the red by replacing it with gold accents. Without having to repaint your room, you have completely changed the look from bold and modern to warm and inviting. Neutral walls create a blank canvas that works with just about any look.

2. Many neutral beige colors help create a warm and cozy feeling in the home without appearing too dark or overwhelming. When working with wall color, it is important to consider the size of the room, but colors like beige and light brown will work in both small and large rooms. By using warm neutral colors like these in rooms like the dining room, family room, or living room, it will help you create a cozy environment for friends and family.

3. If you are interested in choosing a few different colors for your room, neutrals always work well together. For example, painting 3 of 4 walls ivory and painting one a dark beige shade will help you create an accent wall without having to spend hours comparing other shades trying to find ones that match each other, as well as your furniture. By opting for neutrals, you will have a complementary palette right from the start.

4. If you just moved into a new home and are nervous about adding too much color, start with neutral tones and test the waters that way. You can add color to a room through accent pieces, and neutral colors are often very easy to paint if you decide to dive into bright, bold colors. Neutrals are very safe and perfect if you are unsure of which direction you would like to take your room, in terms of d├ęcor.

5. Finally, if you know you will be selling your home in the future, choosing neutral walls will help you avoid having to paint over strong, bright colors when it comes time to show the house. It is said that houses with neutral walls tend to sell faster, so before your realtor asks you to repaint your dining room bright red, consider going neutral. If you know selling is in your future, save yourself the headache and choose a lighter, more neutral palette for your interior.

So in conclusion, neutral walls can make a big difference in the home. By giving you the opportunity to change the look of your room with ease, you can ensure that your home is always up to date. Sure, painting a room can be a long process, so reduce your workload in the future and choose neutral colors for your home the next time you paint.

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