Occupational Health Nurse CEUS

Health Nurse CEUS

Occupational health nurses can earn their certification with continuing education courses. There are several benefits to becoming a certified occupational health nurse. It increases your credibility and shows employers that you are a well-qualified professional. Besides the professional benefits, there are also higher salaries to be earned by a certified COHN. Listed below are the main requirements to become a COHN. You will need to take a minimum of 15 credits to obtain the certification.

As an occupational health nurse, your focus will be on the safety of the workforce. You will be responsible for assessing the health conditions of workers, recognizing the effects of hazardous exposures, and managing worker injuries. In addition to promoting worker safety, occupational health nurses will also help reduce medical costs on the company’s bottom line. You can find out more about the different careers in occupational health nursing. A career as a Nursing CEUs┬áis well worth considering.

Continuing education for an occupational health nurse is very important. You must complete at least 50 contact hours relating to occupational health nursing every five years. These courses can range from basic lectures to hands-on lab work and include drug tests and DOT medical examinations. The American Board of Occupational Health Nurses (ABOHN) offers flexible options for continuing education. It also requires that you complete at least one seminar related to occupational health nursing in order to maintain your license.

Occupational Health Nurse CEUS

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health supports 17 regional university-based Education and Research Centers. Of these, 11 ERCs offer doctorate-level educational programs in occupational health nursing, including Doctorates of Nursing Practice in environmental and occupational health. There are also academic certificate programs for occupational health nurses, such as the North Carolina Occupational and Safety ERC. You can even earn a certificate through the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health.

An occupational health nurse will be trained to deal with a range of illnesses and injuries caused by work-related hazards. As a registered nurse, you should have several years of experience working in a medical-surgical or intensive care environment. New graduates cannot expect to be hired directly out of nursing school, so you’ll have to have several years of experience before securing a job. However, some occupational health nurses will have a master’s degree.

The COHN-S certification is offered to registered nurses who have at least three years of experience in the field of occupational health nursing. This certification emphasizes management, education, consultation, and case management. The criteria for becoming a COHN-S are the same as for any other certification, including an RN license and at least 3,000 hours of work-related nursing experience over five years. Continuing education is required to maintain the certification.

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