Leeds rentals, the three types of accommodation often involved!

“The first is to apply to live in the school’s dormitory, the second is to board with a local family, and the third is to rent a room off campus. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these three options, and here I will give you a brief analysis. Approximate amount of study time. Living together with students from different countries makes it easier for new students to get in touch with their classmates, improve their English and gain experience of living in the UK from others.

Generally speaking, choosing to live in on-campus Leeds student accommodation will be slightly more expensive than the other two accommodation options, and as it is managed by the university, international students have less flexibility to choose on their own. Most schools in the UK are able to provide on-campus accommodation for international students. Many students who are new to the UK will choose to live in on-campus accommodation.

Homestay adaptability The advantage of homestay is that you can integrate with the locals as quickly as possible. Typically, the majority of international students who choose to stay with a local family are secondary school students, and these local families have no criminal records. Students live with a host family and are provided with Leeds student accommodation and two meals in the morning and evening, while lunch is provided by the school.

Leeds rentals, the three types of accommodation often involved!

The biggest advantage of this option is that you can quickly integrate into local life, but there is also the problem of cultural differences between international students and local families. It is advisable to help with simple chores in your free time, not to complain about the food not being to your liking and to respect the rest time and privacy of the other family. In general, homestays are more suitable for younger students and less suitable for mature students.

Renting off-campus is a great way to choose the most suitable house for you, according to your personal preference and financial ability, and you have to do all the utilities yourself.

If you rent for only one month and then withdraw, you are in breach of contract and the landlord has the right to confiscate the deposit. If you are sharing a room, you must agree on the rent in advance and find out the credibility and habits of the person you are sharing the room with in order to avoid unnecessary trouble. 3. If you are renting through an agent, you must first understand the terms of the contract regarding the agent’s fees and whether the landlord’s information is true. Never, rent a house by posting rental information in supermarkets, shops and on the road, this kind of information is more convenient to obtain sources, but the reliability is not credible.

You can also try the following ways of renting off-campus: 1. You can look for rental information through local Chinese forums and contact them by phone to see the property. This kind of landlord is usually a landlord or a second landlord who posts directly online, so it is easy to move in and more convenient to communicate. 2、Find a room through a regular housing agent, although the procedures are complicated and certain fees need to be charged, but the interests of the tenant are relatively more secure. 3、Find a room through an acquaintance or a friend.”

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