LCD Flat Screen TV – 7 Reasons Why an LCD Flat Screen TV is the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is a great time to thank that special dad in your life. Whether it’s your own dad or her husband, an older dad or a new dad, or if it’s for the dad who has everything, an LCD flat screen TV is the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Traditionally, the beloved fathers in our lives have been given crappy ties, or discounted golf or fishing gear that never make it out of the back corners of the garage. Why not give her something you know she’ll love, like a flat screen LCD TV?

These are 7 reasons why an LCD flat screen is the perfect gift.

1. The price is right: Just a few years ago, an LCD TV was considered a luxury gift that only the rich and famous could afford. Prices have continued to drop so most people can afford a new TV, as small and medium sizes can be found for several hundred dollars and a new large screen can be found starting at around $1000. .

2. The bigger the better: As prices go down, the sizes available continue to increase. Affordable LCD flat screen TVs can be found in sizes over 50 inches, making it a great addition to a family home theater. If you already have a big screen TV in the living room, smaller LCD screens are becoming more and more common in various rooms of the house, like the bedroom or even traditional man cave areas like the garage or the workshop.

3. Sleek Design: The big screen TVs of a few years ago were giants that took up a significant portion of the room. While they were able to display an image that was pleasing to the eye, the size and depth of the set was far from pleasing to the eye. Today’s LCD screens are ultra-slim and can be mounted on the wall like a piece of art. In addition to a slimmer design, manufacturers continue to churn out sets like the new “Samsung – With a Touch Color” that adds an attractive red bezel that makes the TV almost as attractive when it’s off as it is when it’s on.

4. Stunning Picture – Of course, while price, size and design are important, it all means nothing if the TV can’t produce a great picture. Today’s LCD TVs put first-generation LCDs to shame by delivering sharper images with more vibrant colors without the motion blur or artifacts common in earlier flat-panel LCD TVs. Current models offer much faster response times, significantly better contrast ratios, and are capable of producing a stunning Full HD 1080p image.

5. Sports and movies – Let’s face it, the typical dad isn’t the most complicated person. Give him the latest sporting event or the latest blockbuster action movie in high definition and he’ll be happy. An LCD flat screen TV is perfect for watching the big game with friends, but it’s also a great solution for experiencing the latest movie with your family from the comfort of your own family room or home theater.

6. The glory of video games: Is the father of your life a young father who grew up playing video games? (Or maybe he’s interested in benefiting from a great gaming TV, even if his dad couldn’t care less.) An LCD screen is perfect for gaming. With a full 1080p picture and dynamic display, games look and play amazing, plus there’s no risk of screen burn-in, which is possible with other technologies. A flat screen LCD TV along with one of the next generation video game consoles is the perfect solution to start a fun family game night tradition.

7. The fastest way to a man’s heart – While a diamond is a girl’s best friend, an HDTV may well be a man’s best friend. Now, I’m not trying to suggest you’re being manipulative, but what better way for a wife to get the diamonds she’s been hoping for than to set the bar high for gift-giving and surprise him with a new flat screen LCD TV.

An LCD flat screen TV is the perfect gift for parents of all ages and a great way to thank Dad for all he’s done over the years.

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