Home Decor – Tuscan Style – 7 Things You Should Know

Appreciation is no stranger to Tuscan-style home decor. This much-celebrated rustic style is defined not only by its unabashed celebration of all natural elements, but also by its unparalleled grace, elegance, and old-world charm. He has steadfastly refused to be jacketed into any kind of stereotype and has thus managed to spread his footprints in all corners of the world.

A bit lost the plot?

In your cursory investigation of this enigmatic decorating style, you manage to hit on a few facts. Such as the rough appearance of sun drenched interiors, crumbling patios or porches, simple yet highly durable wooden furniture, terra cotta floor tiles and layered finishes on the walls. But from then on, you lose the plot.

Here are seven crucial elements of this style that would bring down your irresponsible attempts:

  • Exterior spaces: Unlike other styles, the importance of the infinite exterior spaces cannot be relegated to the background. The carefully manicured garden, charming fountains and natural stone pavers instantly lift your spirits.
  • Colors: Inspired by nature, these exhilarating shades not only add a touch of energy but also soothe the wild soul. Watch as warm, soothing tones of brown, yellow, orange, green, red, blue, and terracotta airbrush interiors without any pretense.
  • Floors, Ceilings, and Ceilings – While terracotta is the number one choice for ceilings, wood planks, terracotta bricks, and stone make a big impact on floors. The old carpets floor guests instantly. Marble is the prominent material in the pillars. Wooden beams and plaster ceilings further that open and airy feeling.
  • Walls: Lavishly textured walls in soft, muted tones like white and gray evoke racy reactions. The color wash, faux finish, and Venetian plaster help exude that old world charm.
  • Furniture: Wood is most conspicuous for its presence, adorned with accents of wrought iron, marble or tile. The open shelves have no qualms about displaying ceramics and pottery. Distressed wood cabinets and armories covered in chicken wire or glass reveal stunning new facets of this style.
  • Patterns: Designs reminiscent of leaves, fruits, wines and flowers in natural colors fit the bill.
  • Accessories: Wrought iron wall hangings, statues, wall sconces, stained glass windows, antique clocks, artwork, copper pots, and clear jars filled with pasta, herbs, and spices inspire much admiration.

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