Get him to commit to you using the tools of respect

Do you want to know how to get him to commit to you? Is it really possible to get a man from this modern age to stay in a long-term relationship? How can you get and keep their undivided attention once and for all? There are several tips and tricks of the trade for her to commit to you; now you just have to carry them out.

The fastest way to achieve your goal is to use the tools of respect. Respect is as important as breathing for a man. If you don’t feel respected, you won’t be able to live a healthy life. Wherever you receive respect, that is where you will spend all your time and energy.

Respect Tool # 1: Listen and affirm your ideas.

If you are not listening and appreciating his ideas, no matter how bad they are, he will spend his time with people who do. Even if he suggests a ridiculous plan, you can still get around it without disrespecting him. In this case, it is not worth it that you are right; you will lose your boy in the process of challenging his idea.

For example, if you come home and announce that you are seriously considering quitting your job and applying to law school, you might think that you have lost your mind. His plan would mean no income for several years in addition to substantial tuition, and oh yes, he just graduated from college with a 2.0!

Don’t mention any of this, if you want me to commit to you.

Instead, cheer him on the fact that you’re so glad he’s thinking about his future and tell him that you know he could do anything he sets his mind to. On your own, probably in less than 24 hours, you will find that you don’t have the money to pay for law school or the intelligence you need. But he will remember that you believed in him and did not doubt him.

Respect Tool # 2: Always praise him in public.

The worst nightmare of every man is that his girlfriend makes fun of him or criticizes him in public. Never, never do it! Whether you’re in front of your friends, your friends, your coworkers, your soccer team, whoever; You definitely need to congratulate him and make sure you talk about his strengths. If you’ve ever said or done something that you don’t agree with, bring it up and discuss it privately.

When you use these two tools of respect, your man will quickly be the one to beg you for a compromise. He will not want to lose the beautiful and respectful girl that you have become. Not only have you made a man commit to you, but you have learned a lifelong lesson about how to interact with all the men in your life.

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