Bearded Collies Famous in Movies and TV

While Bearded Collies are known for their roles as show and working dogs, the breed has also been seen on television, in movies, and in catalogues. Some of the credits that can be attributed to the breed include Shaggy Dog, a 2006 Walt Disney comedy with Tim Allen. Agent Cody Banks is a 2001 film that shows Cody walking in a scene with a bearded collie. In September 2001, in an issue of a Lands End catalogue, a Bearded Collie was featured. Other screen credits include Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, which was a 1960s television show; the co-star was a bearded collie. Tiger, the Brady Bunch’s dog, was also thought to be a bearded collie.

Most people are used to seeing a German Shepherd and Traditional Collies on TV and in the movies, however, we often forget about the Bearded Collie. We may have believed that furry and lovable dogs were chosen for their looks. Perhaps, on the other hand, the breed was chosen because of its dependent nature and natural ability to perform. No one can deny the kindness of the sweet furry dogs who played in some of the most memorable roles in television and film. Whether in a working capacity or as a family pet, a Bearded Collie is a friendly and sweet dog that gets along well with children and other animals.

The gentleness of the breed has made the dog a popular choice for both movies and other media. It is obvious from the dog’s appearance that they are quite capable of taking commands well and acting on cue. Although the breed dates back to working origins, the dog seems to possess a natural ability to act at will when necessary. Bearded Collies are not only excellent show dogs, they are also exceptional in the ability of working dogs, family pets, or when used in a performance role.

Since past experience is favorable for the Collie, we should expect to see more of these gentle, even-tempered dogs in future media productions. The dog learns fast and learns commands easily, making it ideal for media exposure on television or in the movies. We don’t often think of the dog when we see it on TV or in the movies, but when a producer is looking for the perfect dog for a TV show or movie role, he need look no further than a bearded collie.

Before you consider bringing a Collie into your home, you should realize that the breed requires a regular grooming commitment that must be diligently followed. With a coat of long, shaggy hair, a Collie can track down all kinds of mud, leaves, grass, and other debris around the home. The dog also has strict exercise requirements and needs the opportunity to burn off extra energy on a regular basis. However, when you think of all the breeds to keep as a family pet, a Bearded Collie is a devoted and loving companion that is sure to adapt well to the role of happy pet with relative ease.

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