5 Ways/Reasons Leaders Should Set the Right Example!

Nobody is perfect! Everyone makes some mistakes, from time to time! Each of us can do things better, from time to time! After more than four decades of involvement in nearly every aspect of leadership, from identifying and qualifying the right people to training, developing, and mentoring thousands of actual and/or potential leaders, I realized that , and I think the most damaging behaviors are often resorting to denying, blaming, and complaining, to avoid being blamed or held accountable! Usually the cover-up is the most damaging and destructive (much more, in many cases, than the original mistake/misdeed, etc.). Quality leaders realize that they must consistently set the right example for others to follow and believe in, because this is often what inspires or discourages potential stakeholders, constituents, and/or stakeholders. or even potential, future leaders! With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss 5 ways/reasons why a leader should set the right kind of example.

one. Remember: there is always someone watching: The true measure of a true leader is what he does, when he believes, no one is watching! Those who don’t take this seriously often don’t realize that, in most cases, someone is always watching, either on purpose or on purpose. The quality of one’s character should be measured by what he does, consistently, and his logic/reasoning!

two. What do you do, when the right thing may not be popular?: Unfortunately, many people are elected, selected and/or promoted to some leadership position, based on their personal popularity, as well as the populist aspect of their articulated positions, ideas, actions, etc! A person of quality character should proactively proceed, move forward, try to do the right thing, rather than just popular! If you hope to make a real difference, for the better, you must be guided by this principle and seek viable, relevant and sustainable solutions.

3. Do your words and actions align?: Do what I say, not what I do! How often have you witnessed some of the so-called leaders seem to proceed this way? If he wants others to follow him and become more engaged, he must be ready, willing, and able to motivate and inspire others, directly aligning his words and actions.

Four. Who do you serve (yourself or others)?: Only when/if one prioritizes the greater good and brings about a meeting of minds, using common sense, will it truly serve their constituents/stakeholders and the organization, rather than any personal/political agenda, and/or self-interest !

5. Set the right example, inspire/motivate: When others observe a leader, setting the right example, and consistently doing what he urges others to do, the likelihood that they will be inspired, motivated and more willing to go further, engaged/involved, increases significantly!

If you hope to be a true leader, you must consistently set the right example, to make a difference, for the better, to the organization and the stakeholders you serve and represent. Are you prepared for these tasks, actions, and behaviors?

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