Who is the real champion, Android or IOS?

The digital battle continues as Google’s Android titans and Apple’s iOS compete for ever-growing smartphone and tablet users around the world. Android and iOS are the operating systems that are mainly used in mobile technology.

To this day, these two giants maintain a duopoly with 99% of smartphone sales. Android continues to dominate the market with an unprecedented 69.3% in 2012 to 86.2% in 2016. Unsurprisingly, iOS comes in second from 16.6% in 2012 to 12.9% in 2016.

Is market share synonymous with popularity? Let’s look at the numbers. Android ranks first in platform market share, but in terms of smartphone market performance by device, the iPhone 7 wins as it sold 21.5 million units, capturing 6% market share during the year. first quarter of this year.

Now if you are buying your first smartphone or tablet, which one will you choose? Let these insider tips from independent reviews guide you in choosing which phone is best for you. Are you buying a personal phone and a mobile office? Both Android and iOS platforms attract you with their unique features.

1. Software

Android is the most widely used smartphone platform phone maker. It is used in various hardware. Android is partly open source and is easily customized. Its PC-like features are more customizable. On the other hand, Android has been reported to have a higher probability of malware. Its interface is not the same on all phones.

Since different companies make Android devices, consider the make and model before purchasing.

Apple has a tight and controlled grip on iOS and the platform that can lead to greater stability and security. Its walled garden ecosystem results in limited customization and fewer options for its users. Unsurprisingly, Apple decides which apps and features to expand or build. It focuses on user experience and usability across all your devices.

2. Support and integration

Different Android phone manufacturers decide when iOS is released for their phones. This results in a wait time for updates.

Apple provides support for its older phones. For example, it deals with iPhone quick fixes.

3. Camera functions

Which one has a better camera, Android or iPhone? This question is for those who use their smartphones as a camera. This is a tricky question. Different Android phones offer a better camera, higher resolution screens are not found on the iPhone. On the other hand, Apple offers simplicity and quality in this area.

4. Games

What is better as a game console, Android or iOS? Both Android and iOS offer good options. The experts give these points to consider: processor, screen, storage space, battery life, speakers and applications.

5. Security

Simply put, both Android and iOS offer security features. They both use data encryption, application-specific VPN, and some forms of direct boot mode. Experts say that both are vulnerable to malware attacks. However, iOS has fewer malware attacks than Android.

These are the top five features to consider when shopping wisely for your mobile device. The options presented are very varied. Your needs are personal but also varied. Make a smart choice. And be the true champion.

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