What is HyperVRE and what can it do for me?

You may have heard a lot of rumors recently in internet marketing circles about something called VRE. What is VRE and what can it do for me, you might be wondering? Well, this article will answer that question for you.

First, let’s define what VRE is. VRE is an acronym for Virtual Real Estate or VRE for short. The term has been in internet marketing circles for a while, but recently caught on when John Reese posted a video showing the earnings from his Google AdSense account. This was an impressive video because John Reese was earning 5 figures or more every month, which is more than many people earn in a year. So the video created a real buzz on the internet for struggling internet marketers. Who wouldn’t want to earn 10,000 or more every month? Not only that these earnings were mainly made through the Google AdSense program, which is a 100% passive source of income. Which means you make money from your websites while you sleep. This is great because there is no customer service or clients to deal with just you and your websites. There is also very little to stop you from creating obscene amounts of money this way online. The more sites you develop and the more traffic you get to these sites, the more you earn. What a great combination a winning company looks like every time.

To take it a little deeper, virtual real estate websites aren’t really just about making money online. It’s a new philosophy in internet marketing or a kind of move to get away from spammy cheap link directory sites using black hat SEO techniques to make money. What many internet marketers are discovering is that these black hat websites are profitable for only a short period of time and then they are delisted by Google and other major search engines. Thus arose the VRE philosophy of creating websites. The main idea is to create high-quality niche websites that provide useful content for site visitors and are built using white hat SEO techniques so that they remain for a long time. Therefore, the term virtual real estate is being used because, like real estate, these sites will simply appreciate in value over time.

What it can do for you should be pretty easy to answer once you understand what VRE means. These quality websites can produce a huge and profitable portfolio of sites that gain in value while generating a good monthly income for you.

So what is the downside? The only downside if you can call it that is that these websites take time to create and some knowledge to market. Just creating sites for the purpose of creating styes won’t do you any good. If your site has no visitors and no one clicks on your Google ads, then they are useless sites. Therefore, the Internet marketer who wants to develop his own empire of VRE sites has to learn how to market the sites. This includes things like article submission, link exchange, and other internet marketing techniques.

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