Valentine’s Day and Marketing: What Do We Really Celebrate?

Well, it’s that time of year again. When the birds start to sing and the clouds float in luscious shapes, and everyone declares ‘love is in the air’.

What happens in mid-February that makes it social suicide not to get excited about the cheesy parade of chocolates, balloons, cards, and flowers? Like all visible shops, the good, the bad and the ugly, safe to wear the colors of the season and Cupid is expected to take extra turns to make the rose petals fall on the lucky couples, some cynics like me crawl within their stores. blankets, waiting for the heart-shaped balloons to sink and float away.

As the ‘forever alone’ celebrate the day with their laptops for company, their pockets breathe a sigh of relief. That fancy dinner, the ‘thoughtful’ gifts, those assorted chocolates – love is definitely not for the faint of heart or the light-pocketed. And the gray cells are happy that they don’t have to struggle to decide the perfect gift, the perfect restaurant, and the perfect words to say! DOTA was always more fun. Furthermore, making fun of the ‘loyally engaged’ is never better than when they stubbornly try to decipher the fine line between infringement and hype.

The not so lonely are also suspended by a thin rope. While some lacking the mush factor believe that an avalanche of cards and gifts on this particular day can make up for the next 364 days of indifference, some are too happy to jump on the bandwagon only to realize it’s not exactly a ride. pleasure. After all, there are many ways to gift her a teddy bear or prepare a candlelight dinner. And he never hesitates to call you ‘boring’ or accuse you of ‘not trying hard enough’.

For her, it is a different story. Even more so if she’s not the type to overdose on Taylor Swift. What do you say when he color-codes your dresses or jumps up and down in a Cupid outfit? Jaw? Label him a ‘coward’? Worse yet, what if you treat the day like any other? Don’t you care enough? Not interested? Isn’t he the one you fell in love with anymore?

As the world dresses up as Cupid’s hut and people bow to the desires of omnipotent consumerism, a question arises. What are we celebrating? The answers are lost.

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