Travel tips on where to go in Florida and what to expect in these places

Florida is known as the Sunshine State and many people from the United States and other countries choose to make it a vacation destination. Families, couples and retirees have fallen in love with this state for its natural beauty, great weather and the things it has to offer, says a Fort Lauderdale dentist. This article will outline some of the favorite places to go and recommendations for things to do from some people at Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentistry in those different locations as well. You’ll also discuss which times of the year are better than others for weather and crowds.

When many people think of Florida, they think of Orlando, as it has become the place to go with children and has several fun attractions for people of all ages. Because it’s located in the center of the state, it’s not near the beaches or the water, but with so many things to do there, you won’t have time to wander the beach anyway. The biggest tourist attraction is obviously Disney World. This is bigger than Disneyland in California and people love the Epcot Center area as well as the Animal Kingdom which is not found in the other Disney parks. Other tourist attractions in the Orlando area are Sea World and The Dolphin Discovery for those who love sea creatures and marine life, and Universal Studios, which has rides and great recreations of how the movies were filmed. It could take a whole month to see everything at these attractions, so take the time and maybe just visit a couple on their vacation.

If you want to be on the Atlantic Ocean a great place to visit is Stuart Florida which is right on the beach and across the street that runs through this area is the Indian River so you have two types of water to observe closely. proximity. This is a great place to go if you are an avid golfer and if you are a bit older and want a more relaxing and quiet getaway. Be sure to pick up some of the local Indian River grapefruit as they are delicious.

The Sarasota area is on the Gulf of Mexico side and is beautiful, with white sand beaches and warmer, blue-green waters and wide, beautiful beaches. Siesta Key and Longboat Key are two great areas just outside of Sarasota that offer good hotels, condos, and houses for rent. The shops and restaurants on Longboat Key are great with plenty of selections as well.

Whether you want a quiet time in a more mature area like Stuart or a fun time in Orlando with the kids or to watch a beautiful sunset over the Gulf on Longboat Key, there is something for everyone in Florida. The best times to go are late winter through spring for the best weather. Summer can be very hot and humid, and fall has frequent storms and hurricanes.

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