Top 7 Tips to Increase Your Yoga Teacher’s Income

Earning a decent living by teaching yoga classes is extremely difficult unless you have 5 or more full classes each week. Promoting your other services and selling products will help you increase your income.

Here are seven tips on how to increase yoga teacher income …

Tip No. 1 Class Booklet

Create a brochure for your service (eg 1-2-1 sessions) and print a bunch of them. At the beginning of your next class, briefly mention, “I have a special offer right now for 1-2-1 yoga sessions. If interested, pick up a flyer from the table when you leave.” At the end of class, remind them about the handout.

Tip No. 2 Create Kits

For example, you could create a kit called: The Lazy Man Yoga Kit. It may contain: yoga block, tie, lavender eye bag, cushion, meditation CD, yoga DVD, incense sticks, incense holder, etc.) . Make sure your kit has an interesting name!

Tip No. 3 vacation

Plan a yoga vacation. This is by far the most profitable tactic! You can earn more in a week than in an entire year by teaching yoga classes. I created a resource called: Yoga Retreat Kit, to help you plan a successful yoga retreat.

Tip No. 4: the tactic in tow

If you don’t want to put in the effort of planning a retreat, do a Google search for luxury retreats in your geographic area (for example, city or county), look up the phone numbers, and call them saying something like, “Hi, my name is George Watts, I’m a yoga teacher based in Builth Wells, Powys. I’m calling to let you know if you’re ever looking for a yoga teacher to teach a class during your retreat, I’m available. “

Tip # 5 Earn money while you sleep with passive income

In 2004 I was a successful dropshipper: I sold products on eBay that I never saw. I didn’t have to pack or post. I found businesses that had great products and were selling them on eBay. The companies would then package and ship the products to my customers. It was like printing money. It almost seemed like a setup, but it was and still is 100% legal. It is the perfect passive yoga income to supplement your income. The best part is that once you’ve found products and listed them on eBay, your only job is to click a button once a week.

Tip # 6 Unique clothing

You must stand out from the crowd! Don’t sell ordinary clothes. Selling unique yoga clothes can be a great excuse to go on vacation. My mom taught me this. He used to own a jewelry store and would take 2 or 3 vacations abroad every year in search of new products for his store.

Tip # 7 Unique Products

Create a unique product. Let your imagination and creative juices flow. When you create something UNIQUE, you are much more likely to attract customers from all over the world. Here are some examples to get you started:

* Acrobatic yoga DVD (for the adventurous yogi)

* DVD AntiGravity Yoga (where you are suspended in the air)

* Asanas for alcoholics

* Yoga clothes for babies

* Elegant yoga bags with asanas

* Denim yoga clothing (looks and feels great)

* DVD Doing Yoga With Your Dog

* OM Jewelry

* DVD Ruff Yoga (yoga for dogs)

* Star Wars Yoga DVD (which will turn you into a flexible Jedi Master. Includes poses like “Wookie upside down.” This is my favorite example of unique products. I think it’s sheer awesomeness! It will make a great Christmas gift).

* Yoga dog calendar

* Yoga straws (includes a back bend in the upper half of the straw so you can make the straw do a very deep back bend).

* Yoga thongs

* DVD Yoga for riders

* Yoga DVD for inmates

I hope you enjoyed these business tips for yoga teachers.

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