Top 5 reasons to be a Miami Dolphins fan

Being a fan of the Miami Dolphins comes with its fair share of angst, with the team being inconsistent in recent years. But the same can be said for being a fan of any team (right, teams run by Marty Schottenheimer?). Some years you win, some years you lose, and some years you move so you can support a different organization.

Nonetheless, being a Dolphins fan is still fun (and let’s face it, TD is kind of cute). Here are the top five reasons to be a Miami Dolphins fan, even when you can’t believe he is.

5. Hope: The Miami Dolphins may not be a team you spend all your money on at the beginning of the year, but they consistently have something other teams lack: potential. This isn’t to say that some teams in the league are guaranteed to win while others will be horrible, but this pattern often happens (sorry, Oakland). Miami, however, is never in either category: The Dolphins always have a chance to have a successful season, and therefore Dolphins fans always have one of the most important things of all: hope.

4. The boast: Sure, it was over thirty years ago, but the Miami Dolphins remain the only team in NFL history to have an undefeated season. No one can take that away from you… well, not until the record is broken. At the moment, the 1972 Dolphins have the honor of being the best team to ever play. Tell the others to stick that fact in the blowhole.

3. The weather: The warm Florida weather, without the need for bowls of chili or knitted winter hats and scarves, might not exactly scream “fall sports,” but as someone who once froze his foot during a Denver Bronco game six degrees and finally lost a toenail, the weather during Miami Dolphins football can save you from the pain, even if it doesn’t save you from spending money on nail polish. Watching a game in 80-degree weather is much more fun than watching it in pouring rain, snow, or a combination of the two.

2. The Holder: Full of ambition, Wayne Huizenga ranked 153rd in Forbes list of the richest Americans in 2006. Does not rank at all Forbes without being a brilliant businessman. But, as good a businessman as he is, he is an even better owner: in 2006 he was ranked by illustrated sports Mike Silver as the fourth best owner; in 2007, he was ranked eighth. The reasons are simple: he’s smart, he works hard and he’s not afraid to spend money. It is also said that he is something that many people in sports are not: a gentleman. As long as he keeps the reins of the Miami Dolphins, the fans will have good results.

1. The Town: Miami is all about atmosphere. From the culture to the music, from the food to the drinks, this is a place that rivals New York for the title of the city that never sleeps…or at least shouldn’t sleep. For these reasons, there are few better places to go after a game than a Miami club. There are few better places to watch a game (if you couldn’t get tickets) than a Miami sports bar. And there are few better things to eat after the final score than Miami cuisine. The bright lights of Miami are enough to make you feel good, even when the Dolphins don’t.

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