Life is such an exquisite spell that everything conspires to break it.

These wise words from Emily Dickinson have a deeper meaning than meets the eye. It tells us that the greatest magic in life is life itself. Think about it; how you came into being, what you are destined to do, and how you live in harmony with everything. Everything is quite magical. We face many obstacles in life, many of which threaten our existence and break this spell. Others simply cause us unnecessary inconvenience. In such a scenario, it would be completely justified to study the art of communicating with the spiritual universe in order to have a better life.

This is the purpose of spells; give some positive energy to the universe and ask for what you want. I specify the word positive, because it is considered wrong to use magical powers to do damage. It is a law of witchcraft, that what one projects; one becomes triple. This means that if you used spells with a negative purpose, you would eventually recover three times more misery.

So now that we are familiar with its purpose, let’s move on to the activity. Casting a spell is a very general term. If you are a movie buff, you have probably seen people wave a magic wand and repeat an incantation; and the homework is done. Unfortunately (or perhaps for the better), this is not the case. Casting a spell is much more complicated.

If one were to study the history and geographical significance of spell casting, one would find that the act varies by region and time. African Americans and Native Americans used wands and crystals to cast spells and offered gifts to achieve spiritual powers. The Egyptians and Greeks cast spells directly, using little or no tools other than enchantment. These are some examples. If one digs deep, one would find many more such stories.

However, now the situation has changed. Now we are faced with various options for casting spells, regardless of our background. And we can choose from the variety shown. Although spells may differ in practicality, the theory behind them is the same, so the preparation we do before practicing them is standard.

Things to remember before casting a spell are very simple. First of all, one must be mentally healthy. This means that you must remove all negative and distracting thoughts from your mind. This can be achieved through meditation. Second, one must feel clean and pure. It is common practice for people to bathe in essential oils like rosemary before trying a spell. Third, one must find a comforting environment to perform the spell. And last but not least, one must have faith and be positive.

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