Tips to make your neighborhood greener

It’s not just your house that should concern you enough to go green. After striving to make your place as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, why not do some homework with your neighbors and make your neighborhood green too? Here are some tips.

Sharing space in the garden. Why would I share my garden with my neighbors? There are several benefits that you can get from this act. First, your unused yard can be a space that supports plant and flower life. It can be turned into one that produces fruits and vegetables. There are organizations that are willing to give seeds in exchange for the favor of using your garden for their activities.

Creation of neighborhood cooperatives. Many success stories have been told about establishing neighborhood cooperatives. These can range from types that support collecting neighborhood recyclables and delivering them to larger recycling facilities in exchange for cash. Recyclers can often stop by your designated location at specified intervals to pick up what you have collected. This is an efficient way to teach your neighbors the importance of reducing solid waste.

Neighborhood co-ops may also be the type that produce processed or bottled foods, baked treats, and other profitable small-scale businesses.

Promote the celebration of exchange days. It takes a lot of energy to do new things. It will also involve raw materials that come mostly from nature to make some of the things you normally like. Inspired by the ancient barter system of our ancestors, why not start staging days of exchange between your neighbors every weekend?

This is a great opportunity to not only write down the things you like, but also to make friends with your neighbors. You will strengthen cooperation among neighbors while allowing everyone in your community to participate in conservation efforts.

If you’re good at baking, why not bring along some of your goodies? Who knows, you can trade it in for a vase that will look great on your coffee table. There are many possible trades that can happen. You can even make it a pinned swapping party with a weekly theme so things for swappers have some variety.

Making your neighborhood green can also be a goal to develop a place that is harmonious and where people are always willing to exert an extra dose of help.

For other real estate concerns, your local real estate agent is just a phone call away. He or she has expert advice that can be helpful in green home ownership.

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