The graphic of a successful woman and a phenomenon named JK Rowling – Creator of Harry Potter

From the point of view of predictive astrology, JK Rowling’s birth chart, born on July 31, 1965, in the county of Gloucestershire in south-west England, is very easy to read. According to his sidereal chart, he was born in Libra ascendant, the location of the planets in his chart is as follows: Ketu (dragon’s tail) in the second house, Scorpio; Saturn in the fifth house, Aquarius; Jupiter and Rahu (dragon head) in the eighth house, Taurus; Sun in the tenth house, Cancer; Venus, Moon and Mercury in the eleventh house, Gemini; Mars in the twelfth house, Virgo.

For the native of Libra the ascendant Saturn is the most important planet, being the lord of the angle, fourth house, Capricorn: and the fifth trinal house, it becomes an absolutely functional benefit. His presence in the fifth, his daytime home, is close to being in the sign of Libra: his exaltation. The location of Saturn on your chart is really first class.

Jupiter, the lord of the third and sixth houses, two tilted positions for this ascendant, is a functional malefic. Its location on the eighth is excellent as it creates a vipareet raja yoga, which literally means combination of rulers by reversing the negative effects (his relationship with Rahu has further weakened him). The third house, among other things, represents bad thoughts, placing your lord in the eighth will destroy bad thoughts by leaving good thoughts behind, which is good for a career as a writer. Signs of the sixth house: fear, difficulties, enemies, poor health, debts will meet a similar fate, that is, destruction.

The presence of the lord of the seventh house (spouse), Mars in the twelfth, the garbage of the house, wandering away from the place of birth, loss, aptly describes his move from England to Portugal, his marriage in the year 28 (the year de Marte) and divorce almost a year later.

The location of the Sun, the lord of the eleventh house, and dispositor of three auspicious planets, the Moon, Mercury and Venus in the tenth (Midheaven), exchanging position with the Moon is also excellent. The 10th location (profession / occupation) is the best for the Sun, as it gives it full directional strength. This real planet and ruler of the zodiac grants immense fame to the native, its exchange with the Moon (another real planet that represents the imagination, among other things) means fame through the imagination.

The presence of three auspicious planets in the eleventh signifies three sources of income. The combination of the lords 1st (Venus means native herself), 9th (Mercury representing luck) and 10th (Moon, profession) having a mutual aspect of Saturn is creating a very formidable ruling combination: relationship between the lords of three angles (first, fourth, tenth) and three trills (first, this house is an angular and trinal house, the fifth and the ninth) with the interchange of the tenth and eleventh lords is the rarest of the rare.

Conjunction of Moon, profession, imagination; Mercury, writing, speaking; and Venus, a native, is obviously making huge income from writing.

But because of Mars’ poor location, all of its good and bad planets rank favorably, leading to a phenomenon called Harry Potter via JK Rowling.

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