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In the wake of the massive success of Naija Music, Ghana’s Samini is back with a bang with a new project titled Lighthouse. The talented musician has been making music for over two decades and has released a number of projects. It has also received much praise from critics. Its resurgence in popularity has made it more likely for African artists to work with international talent.

With its high-quality production and global appeal, Ghanaian and Nigerian artists have a bright future in the global music scene. More Africans are listening to artists outside of their home countries than ever before. With the booming economy in Africa, the continent’s music industry is likely to remain a hotbed for new musical talent. With so many young people discovering the genre, it will only continue to grow.

The success of the genre has also increased awareness for African artists. In Nigeria, the soundtrack of the movie Black Panther featured two songs by South African artists, while Davido’s Fall, featuring Justin Bieber, became the first Afrobeats song to hit 200 million views on YouTube. Meanwhile, in Ghana, the Afrobeats genre has grown rapidly on streaming platforms such as Spotify. It also has a thriving independent music scene, despite its relatively small size.

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In the US, Africa is still a major hub for new talent. With a huge diaspora, African musicians can benefit from the exposure they receive in the world’s top markets. Currently, the US accounts for 21% of the global pop genre in Ghana. More than 40% of the billions of plays on Afro-Dancehall songs on Spotify are from the US. The continent’s music scene is increasingly global, and there is no shortage of exciting new talent.

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The continent’s diaspora population has boosted African music in many areas. Unlike in the past, the continent’s musicians are reaching new audiences worldwide. Their songs are gaining recognition around the world. However, African artists are not only enjoying international fame, but they are also making huge strides in the global music scene. And it is no secret that they’re becoming major players in the global music market.

In the UK, the country’s booming diaspora has fueled the growth of music in Ghana and the US. The US, in particular, has become a major market for African music. The UK’s largest diaspora is responsible for a large part of the country’s popular music, but the continent’s diversity of styles means that there are many ways to discover new music in this country.

The year’s biggest music event in Ghana, Afro Nation, is an annual event that will debut in Portugal in July 2019. This four-day music festival attracts more than 18,000 music lovers and will feature several African artists. Among the artists on the bill are Wizkid and Davido, the local artists as well as rap duo Navy Kenzo, Congolese powerhouse Innoss’B and South African rap artist Moonchild Sanelly.

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