The best songs for children’s parties

What would a party be without music? A celebration without music or dancing would be boring and lifeless!

This is especially true for children’s parties. Singing, dancing, and music are essential elements of any successful children’s event.

Fortunately, despite changing times, good old-fashioned nursery rhymes can still be relied on to liven up any party. And with the rise to fame of so many teenagers and kid-oriented singers and bands, the new generation of musicians has great tunes to offer, too.

Here is a summary of only Some of the best children’s party songs available today:

1. The Hokey Pokey

Who would have known that a song written in the late 1940s, originally for skiers in Sun Valley, Idaho, would become a hit with kids?

Repetitive action songs are often a huge hit with youngsters, and the “Hokey Pokey” has never failed to entertain the young guests at any children’s party. It is a perfect icebreaker for your party.

Even the adults present at the party would probably enjoy doing this classic dance routine. So go ahead and invite them to “put your left foot in, put your left foot out, put your left foot in and shake it all up!”

2. Let this party begin

Despite its rocky undertones, this song performed by Pink definitely has its place on the list of the best children’s party songs.

The name says it all. “Get This Party Started” is guaranteed to get any party started. You can play this tune when all the guests arrive to point that out, what else? – You’re about to start the party!

Trust us: once you hear their catchy, upbeat tune, you won’t wonder why “Get This Party Started” is a hit with partygoers young and old alike.

3. The name game

Also known as “The Banana Song”, The Name Game was written in 1964 by American singer Shirley Ellis, with Lincoln Chase as co-songwriter.

Ellis says she based the lyrics on a rhyming game she used to play as a child, in which players created different versions of a specific person’s name. For example, using the name Tina, they sang:

Tina, Tina, bo-bina,

Banana-fana fo-fina,



The name game is easy to learn even for kids today who have never heard the song before, and you could add a new game to their repertoire, something they might enjoy playing even after their party.

4. Happy birthday to you

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the classic song “Happy Birthday,” the lyrics and melody of which first appeared in print in 1912.

The American brothers Patty and Mildred Hill wrote the song in 1893, based on the song “Good Morning to All.” Today, the song is one of the most beloved and most common children’s birthday songs in the world.

If you think it’s so common that it’s gotten boring, here’s a fun fact: Happy Birthday to you has been translated into over 18 languages! Download them all, play the song in all its available translations, and watch the interest level rise!

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