So you are probably looking for the best sexual position to have an orgasm. Also, you probably don’t want to waste an enormous amount of effort. And of course you want to get the maximum pleasure out of it.

Well, I have a short answer for you and a longer one.

The short answer is: buy a dotted condom.

Now the longer answer, for those of you who are “all natural”.

First of all, if you don’t want to use some toys or, as mentioned above, a dotted condom, then all you have is your techniques, and boy do they help you here.

Yes, it is time for your Kama Sutra lessons, so you better hold on to your butt, because what you are going to learn here is going to shake the ground you are standing on right now.

This position for sex is called “Lazy Boy”.

Now, instead of your usual boring “Girl on Top” pose where your girl is on top of you while you are making love, this time ask her to sit perpendicularly on your lap. Fancy word – what does it mean?

Basically she has to look to the side, rather than looking directly at you, while sitting on your lap.

In this position, it can be difficult for her to keep her balance, so have her hold onto your chest and legs, or the floor. This will give you the extra support you need.

Why is this position so special? I’m glad you asked.

You see, in this “orgasm position” you will be able to push a lot deeper than in other positions. In addition, in this way her vagina will be like a condom around your penis, giving you maximum pleasure.

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