Tailor-made trips: is this the end of combined trips?

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I can hardly believe that after a long, cold winter in Austria, spring has finally arrived!

One of my favorite times of the year, spring is when we throw out the old, bring in the new, and start planning our summer vacations to those exotic destinations we’ve been dreaming about all winter, so there’s only one question left: where should we go?

We Europeans are bombarded with package tours to Spain, Italy, and Greece, just as our American neighbors are inundated with last-minute deals to the Cape or the Caribbean, and while this may be one of the cheapest options for travel, I’m afraid It has lost its appeal, and one week “all inclusive” is no longer enough for me.

For me, travel is about opening your mind, understanding new cultures, discovering the real world and stepping into the unknown, and because we are now more informed and better connected than ever before (thanks to the World Wide Web), we can personalize vacations from our dreams with the help of a customized tour operator.

Tailor-made trips are definitely on the rise, and they don’t have to cost much more than your average vacation package. Many tour operators can work with a realistic budget, all we have to decide is when, where and for how long, and they do the rest.

Multi-destination holidays like South Africa and Mauritius, Australia and New Zealand, or Argentina and Brazil are now easier to book and organize than ever, and by visiting two countries in one trip, you really get to see the best of both worlds!

As big cruise fans, we always like to customize our trips to include a stop in Las Vegas, California or Florida (depending on where our ship sails), so we can combine a fabulous cruise with a fun shopping and dining stay. In the USA.!

Personalized travel arrangements give us the freedom to visit the countries we’ve always dreamed of, stay as long as we like, and travel by our preferred mode of transportation, be it plane, train, car, or tuk-tuk. We can travel alone or in a group, we can choose the hotels in which we want to stay and we decide exactly how long we stay in each destination.

With the option to customize the vacation of our dreams, why would we want to book a tour package? Answers on a postcard please!

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