Songs that pay tribute to the glam rock band T Rex

Technology has for the most part left me behind, as I still prefer reading newspapers and physical books, as well as using a phone primarily to call someone. I also enjoy listening to bands on vinyl, although I appreciate the convenience of digital music.

Another facet of technology that I have found convenient is the DVR, which I have found easier to use than all of its analog predecessors. I thought I had mastered that recording device until a few weeks ago, when I accidentally recorded a show that I had no desire to watch.

Deciding to preview it for a few seconds before removing it, I was immediately impressed with the musical intro to the show. As it turns out, Lip Sync Battle has chosen as its title track “20th Century Boy”, one of my favorite songs from Marc Nolan’s old glam rock band T. Rex.

Most people know T. Rex from his hit “Bang a Gong” or because that group is mentioned in various popular songs by other bands. Here are seven such tunes, paying tribute to T. Rex, including one from the band itself.

The awakening bomb by REM

Michael Stipe admits to practicing his T. Rex moves and doing the scene while getting drunk and singing along with Queen on this album track. New Hi-Fi Adventures.

All the young dudes by Mott the Hoople

David Bowie wrote this classic, in which Ian Hunter says he doesn’t need a television because he has T. Rex.

You better bet by the Who

The opening single of Face dances Roger Daltrey sings Pete Townshend’s line about blind drinking while listening to Marc Nolan and his band.

Kool in the Kaftan by BA Robertson

A frequent songwriting partner of Genesis’ Mike Rutherford, the Scottish artist mentioned the band glam on this track from a solo album.

Mambo sun for the Bongos

In a rare live recording of their version of Nolan’s funky song, singer / guitarist Richard Barone introduces them as one of his favorite bands.

Driving force by Zodiac Mindwarp and love reaction

Unlike what Bowie had written a few decades earlier, these guys admit they love TV as much as T. Rex in this title track.

The Groover by T. Rex

Bolan cleverly says “T are EX” when opening this song from a compilation called Bump n Grind.

Do you remember Rock and Roll Radio? by the Ramones

Punk legends include Nolan and his group in this hit from The Chinese wall album.

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