If you have young children, you know how difficult any artistic or witty moment can be. It seems that the paint never stays on the paper and the glitter never stays on the table! Now there’s a quick and easy way to give your kids an area where they can draw to their hearts’ delight: chalkboard paint.

Chalkboard paint is really cool because, in fact, it is a chalkboard that you can paint anywhere. Instead of grappling with the elements of the oven to fire your kid’s sculpture, you can simply admire their many squiggles on a rapidly changing surface. Your child will no longer have to wait for you to do your work to see the finished product. With a board, children can draw, erase, and repeat for as long as they like. Another advantage is that the chalk wipes off easily, which makes crafting less of a hassle.

The beauty of chalkboard paint is that you can paint it on whatever surface you have available. If you have a few square feet available in your kitchen where the kids always seem to hang out, that’s an option. If you have a children’s craft table that could use a facelift, a simple coat of chalkboard paint will solve that problem. Instead of a table that was used to make Mexican clay pottery, children can now draw directly on the table. You can even buy that really cool chalk that can be seen in 3-D with the specialty lenses.

You can also paint a chalkboard on a corkboard you already have. If you find that you are not using your cork board for its intended purpose, the chalkboard paint will work well on top. One thing to consider is that if you decide to randomly paint any wall in your house with the chalkboard paint, keep in mind that you need to drill their little brains that you can only color on the black part of the wall! The bad thing about chalkboard paint is that kids may think they can color on any wall, anywhere! As long as you do your best to differentiate the two surfaces, you are probably fine. If your child is struggling and keeps drawing on the parts of the wall that he shouldn’t, maybe he should go back to working with a kiln brick.

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