Replacement of moldings and moldings

You don’t have to tear down walls or uproot your house just to give a room a new look. Fortunately, you can radically alter your decor simply by changing your trim and trim. Along with a splash of fresh paint and new window treatments, trim replacements are the easiest way to add definition and style to a room.

Basically, crown molding is the bridge between the walls and the ceiling and is an architectural accent that really makes a room shine. Home improvement retailers typically sell a range of pre-made moldings that can be easily installed. If you plan to stain the wood, opt for a pure wood crown molding. However, if you want to paint it, go for wood composites, bonded wood, or urethane as a way to cut costs.

Urethane trim can also be installed with adhesive, making it cheaper and easier to install than traditional wood. For custom milled mouldings, you will need to consult a wood shop, but this can be very expensive.

Remember, standard moldings may not look much on the shelf at the lumberyard, but once you paint and install them, they can add a lot of character to a room.

How to choose a molding

When choosing a trim, always maintain a consistent scale from ceiling to floor. It can be tempting to put in an imposingly wide crown molding, but if you pair it with a small base room, the room balance won’t work.

For a more traditional or formal look, choose intricately milled or ornate moldings. Simple designs are often more modern or contemporary.

How to install trim

First of all, never assume that two walls or two surfaces are going to meet at a 90 degree angle. Always measure and adjust your cut accordingly to avoid unsightly gaps.

Second, invest in the right tools. With the right equipment, your installation will be easier and it will look better. Remember, crown molding installation requires precise cuts. So before you even get started, practice on a few extra pieces before making any final cuts.

If you can, invest in special corner pieces or skirting blocks that will make your corners a lot easier. They are easier to install and you will find that they hold up better to seasonal changes.

Finally, always pre-finish the trim before installing it. Paint or stain it a few days before you plan to use it, and then give it plenty of time to dry before laying it down.

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