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It’s a new business out there today. Time for new goals. If you’re new, you’ll need to learn how to prospect customers through lead generation. For seasoned agents, how about growing your client base through good old-fashioned prospecting? It will look for who needs to find a real estate agent, people who are in the market to buy houses right now or who will need to list houses. Here are 13 great ideas that are easy to execute and marketers say really work.

1. To meet people in the “don’t call” world, go to half a dozen neighborhoods and knock on doors. Have something of value to offer residents (a competitive market analysis of your home, recent household turnover statistics) and ask if you can contact them regularly with that information. They will become part of your sphere of influence. This is what we call “agriculture”. You can do a postcard marketing program or newsletter for lead generation. Your Title representative can give you an Excel spreadsheet with names and addresses or it can also be in Word format.

2. After talking to prospective buyers who want to find homes, send them an item of value and a “nice to meet you” card. When you offer something for nothing, you build loyalty. Even if they don’t buy right away, they’ll come back to you when they’re ready. If you only received their email, please send them an “E Thanks”.

3. Make a brochure. Insert your personal brochure in the real estate section of your local newspaper. For just a few cents per insert, you can reach your target audience without spending a fortune on mailings. With the largest circulation newspapers, you can target certain zip codes or neighborhoods.

4. Involve title/trust. Get affiliated companies to prospect for you. For example, an in-house title company might thank customers for their business over the phone or email, and also ask if they know of anyone who could use their company’s brokerage services. Call your Title/Escrow representative, let them know you want to prospect marketing leads, generate leads and find home buyers and sellers and see what they can do for you.

5. Collect Real Estate Statistics. Repackage local economic data, such as appreciation rates and job growth, available from your MLS and local government, into accessible charts, graphs, and tables. Next, create custom market reports to send to potential customers. Ready, you are an expert in the market. You can hand it out, mail it, or put it on your website!

6. Be warm and fuzzy Consider using family photos in your marketing materials to create an accessible image.

7. Add quick response buttons to your website. Add one thing to your website right now: a button that says “I want to buy/sell now”. Set it up so visitors can click the button and enter information about themselves, sent as a message to their cell phone or digital device. This is great for lead generation.

8. Give away local information already created. When prospects inquire about your area, send them free brochures produced by your city or chamber of commerce. Attach stickers you have made that say “Courtesy of [your name, company name, contact information]and mail them with a personalized letter.

9. Hold open houses. Depending on your area, you can get really creative with your open houses to meet lots of new buyers and sometimes sellers too. I also have a section on open days.

10. Get a website and market it! All agents need a website these days for lead generation. There are many to choose from, but whichever one you choose to use, you MUST market it on the internet if you want to generate leads online. If you don’t, your website will never be seen by new prospects looking for a real estate agent, looking for free MLS, homes for sale, or need assistance from YOU. You will need to use SEO (search engine optimization) marketing and keywords and keyword phrases, keep relevant content on the site, etc. Google the web for all your options…there are hundreds, from custom sites to templates and everything in between. Costs range from almost free to thousands of dollars. You don’t need to spend a lot, so be careful and do your due diligence before you buy.

11. Creating walking billboards is another way to generate great leads. Give out t-shirts that have your company logo on the front and your contact information on the back. The most effective people to target for my giveaway are those who work outdoors in public view. Gas station attendants, ice cream stand workers, landscapers, and others who do outdoor work are the best. You can also give T-shirts to all those kind people who allow you to place their “directional” signs on their front lawn; not only can they let you use their lawn for your sign, but they also get a free t-shirt… and you get more free publicity!

12. Secure New Partnerships: In a deal with a local locksmith, you can ask him to put your promotional fobs on every key he makes.

13. Use a buyer to prospect! If you have a buyer looking for a specific home and neighborhood, handwrite a letter to each homeowner in that neighborhood saying you have a buyer looking for a home in your neighborhood and ask them to contact you if they are interested in selling. his house. . The answer would surprise you! Give it a try right away and maybe you’ll get a home for your buyer or a new listing too!

Remember, it’s all about LEADERSHIP GENERATION!

Written by:
Suzanne B. Martin, Realtor, CRS, ABR
Cell: 805-296-9005

Prudential Hallmark Realty, Paso Robles, CA

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