Kerala – God’s own country

During the Christmas season, people look for places to relax and have fun. And speaking of a great vacation destination, I have one for you, Kerala, God’s own country. Let’s take a look at the beauty of Kerala and why it is one of the exciting places for your vacation. This Kerala travel guide will give you a clear perspective on why it is called God’s own country.

Today, many believe that Kerala derives its name from the Malayalam word “kera”, which means coconut. But, if we look at the history, the word Kerala originated in Keralaputra from the Ashokans tribe. Extensive trade with the Romans is what Ashokans wrote down in history. Not much is known about the history of Kerala, but its culture evidently shows the influence of those who once conquered its place.

Kerala is located in the southwestern corner of the Indian peninsula and is known for its beautiful nature. If you look at the map of Kerala, the beautiful touch of nature is everywhere. And for beach lovers, they are sure to enjoy palm-fringed beaches and shores. There are many beach resorts around Kerala that make all who stay comfortable. You’ll experience world-class services at the resorts, making it a prime vacation spot.

Kerala tourism is very active during the holiday season, making it the busiest industry in India. There are many important attractions in Kerala that attract guests to visit them. From beautiful beaches to unrivaled trails, visitors are sure to have nothing more to ask. If you are planning to go on a world tour, planning would be easy and feel free to put Kerala on your lists for your big holiday tour. Kerala tourism is very welcoming to everyone who wants to have an unforgettable vacation.

Apart from the well-known magnificent nature of Kerala, tourists also enjoy visiting this place due to the choice of various hotels. Being recognized among one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, there are high-class hotels that meet international standards, which makes your stay more comfortable. Hotel accommodations are truly excellent for family, for travelers, and even for religious meditation and internalization purposes.

Once you are in Kerala, be sure to try their special cuisine. Their specialty is made up of combinations of shellfish and coconuts. You can also try their unpolished rice alongside their different combinations of breakfast cereals. But then, since the coconut is very visible in this place, a variety of coconut and seafood delicacies are prepared to complement its nature. If eating is your hobby but you don’t want to grow bigger and bigger, try Kerala cuisine without worrying about your diet.

Kerala is a place of a thousand words. Being called God’s own country is the perfect description of the place. The place is fascinating in all respects. From its rich nature to a very accommodating people, you will not regret spending your Kerala holidays.

. Once you are in this place, you could simply say that you are on tour in a paradise world. It’s like you don’t want to end your vacation once you get there. You may want to extend your vacation once you experience the beauty, glamor, and fashion of Kerala. This is truly one of the best places you won’t want to miss.

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