Juice – Treatment In Different Diseases

The usefulness of juice treatment for some common diseases is numerous, for example, cleansing the body, expelling toxic and other harmful elements from the body, preventing the degeneration of the body, and obtaining the necessary ingredients for the reformation and regeneration of the body’s cells. . That is why, either independently or in conjunction with other treatment modalities, juicing provides sure benefits in almost all diseases.

There are several definite reasons for the cause of diseases besides improper eating habits. An illness cannot be completely cured unless such reasons are avoided or prevented, for example, if one is under treatment for cold but continues to take cold food, or does not protect oneself from violent cold winds and rain, it is not possible to heal.

Juice treatment is not intended to be the only remedy for all diseases. It is a well understood fact that in the case of some diseases and especially when it is severe, one has to take the help of other therapies. If a certain therapy has been shown to be useful and effective in a particular disease, there is no reason why one should be deprived of therapeutic benefits, for example, the hip bath provides benefit in most abdominal diseases . You should not hesitate to accept this kind of deal. Each therapy has a purpose that is the same for all doctors: to cure the disease completely and as soon as possible.

It is necessary to understand the disease thoroughly before starting treatment. Juice treatment must be planned and finally implemented with regularity, perseverance and enthusiasm.

Acidity: Take a mixture of cabbage and carrot juices. In addition, you can drink cucumber, potato, apple, mosambi and watermelon juices. You should also drink milk. Avoid chili peppers, fried foods, and sweets.

Acne: Take a mixture of carrot and spinach juices. Take a mixture of potato, beet, cucumber and grape juices. You can also drink watermelon and papaya juice. Massage of papaya or potato juice on the face. The steam bath is advantageous. Do not allow fat to remain on the face. Avoid the use of cosmetics.

Anemia: Mixed leafy vegetable juices, alfalfa juice, and beet, cabbage, bitter gourd, apricot, and grape juices are helpful in this disease.

Thrush: First of all abdominal disorders, if any, must be cured. Constipation must be relieved. Juices of aromatic herbs (spinach) and cabbage should be taken.

Asthma: Drink mixed carrot, beet, and cabbage juices. Have a blend of leafy vegetable juices or a blend of potato and apple juices. In addition, you can also drink garlic and papaya juices.

Bronchitis: Take warm water with ginger, honey and lemon juice in the morning or take warm water with garlic and onion juice. Also, drink radish, cabbage, beet, cucumber and carrot juices. Avoid smoking.

Cancer: Opinions are divided as to which juice provides the greatest benefits in cancer. Typically these juices are beneficial carrot, grape, beet, apple, ginger, papaya, tomato, and wheatgrass juices. One should try to maintain liver health. Magnetic therapy could be helpful.

Heart disorders: Take honey, coconut water and papaya, pomegranate, pineapple and garlic juices.

Cholera: Bee fruit juice mixed with mint, garlic and onion juices should be taken with lukewarm water. Coconut water is very useful in cholera.

Cold: You should drink warm water with lemonade. You can also drink juices of ginger, orange, carrot, radish, garlic, etc. Water vapor is also useful.

Colitis: Take a mixture of carrot and spinach juices. Cucumber, apple, beet, papaya, beelee, and orange juices are also beneficial.

Constipation: Whole raw fruits and vegetables are just as beneficial as their juices. Proper exercises should be done. One should form regular bowel movement habits. A mixture of spinach and carrot juices or a mixture of potato, cucumber and apple juices should be taken. You can also drink fig juice, beelee (eagle jam), guava and orange.

Contagious diseases: Take on an empty stomach a glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. Take a glass of water mixed with a teaspoon of garlic and onion juice. You can also drink a mixture of carrot and mosambi-orange juices.

Cough: Drink warm water mixed with honey and lemon juice in the morning. Also take a glass of carrot juice added with a tablespoon of garlic, onion and basil juice. Avoid smoking.

Diabetes: Juices of rose apple, tomato, cucumber, lemon, bitter gourd, carrot, spinach, cabbage and green beans should be taken.

Diarrhea: Drink bee fruit, apple, garlic and green turmeric juices. Beet and pineapple juices are also recommended. Rest completely.

Diphtheria: Requires immediate medical treatment. Take pineapple juice and swirl it around and around in your mouth before swallowing it. Take lukewarm water mixed with garlic and onion juices.

Dysentery: The thick buttermilk regimen is one of the best antidotes. Pomegranate juice is also effective. Pink apple juice also provides benefits.

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