It’s Finally Here: Smyths Best Christmas Toys

Yes, it’s finally here … Christmas! It has been a difficult year for all of us, with cuts that forced us to rethink our spending patterns. However, Christmas means toys and a year of savings means bigger and better toys for your children. The must-have toys for 2008 are outlined below.

With this in mind, the recently launched superstore toy chain, Smyths, has started its predictions of the hottest toys for this year with its own list of popular toys for Christmas 2008. Smyths has taken all trends into account, pre-orders and customers. requested and combined this with 21 years of experience in the toy business to produce the perfect Christmas wish list for any child.

At the top of any children’s toy shopping list is a Ben 10 Action toy. By far the most popular of these toys is the Ben 10 Alien Laboratory Set – fans of the show can’t get enough of this fabulous set that’s inspired by the character’s bus. Open it to reveal a laboratory inside and create your own aliens from the reusable clay. This action toy also includes alien rocks and animation discs from the Ben 10 cartoon series. For just £ 27.99 this is a real bargain and the perfect gift for any Ben 10 enthusiast.

Kids will also go nuts for the Bakugan starter pack. Priced at £ 12.99, this exciting card trading game will keep any kid entertained and trading crazy creatures for hours. For more high-tech creature-capturing thrills, purchase the Catcha Beast Electronic Pet Set! These exciting games allow you to drag digital monsters and trade them with friends. However, for real life action and adventure, nothing beats the Clone Wars Ultimate Lightsabre set, which allows each person to create their own realistic saber for battles with their friends, at a competitive price of just £ 37.99.

We haven’t forgotten about the girls either! Hannah Montana’s Secret Pillow allows each girl to keep her own secret diary while having fun with the built-in speakers that can be connected to any MP3 player. This is the perfect gift for just £ 19.99. For the little superstar in your life, High School Musical Sing Together dolls, with their own microphones, will transform playtime into karaoke time! Looking for a puppy toy to play with? The Rescue Pals Swim to Me Puppy will paddle with your little girl during bath time and even comes with her own goggles and towel, a bargain at £ 27.99. To cuddle a suitable pup, try Fur Real Biscuit – My Lovin ‘Pup. This little dog is so lifelike that he responds to your commands just like a real dog would, a real dog for just £ 129.99.

Looking for a more interactive experience? Smyths Toys has the most popular video game console in stock: the Nintendo Wii. This family console will get you moving with its wide selection of incredibly fun titles. The Wii is a bargain at just £ 179.99. Looking for something a little more compact? The Nintendo DS Lite is a favorite of boys and girls and with its dual screen touch action; anyone can participate in the game. This console comes in a variety of great colors for just £ 99.99. Elmo sings, sits and talks to your child and this truly amazing toy can be yours for just £ 54.99

So jump into Christmas 2008! This excellent selection of toys is sure to keep the child in your life happy and smiling throughout the holiday season. With a selection like this, it is no wonder that Smyths Toys is the leading provider of children’s entertainment in Ireland and the greater London area.

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