How to serve by stirring kitchen cabinets

By nature, human beings are hardwired to live longer. Some things, like nicer clothes or a faster car, are within our grasp. Others, like a less annoying mother-in-law, are pure illusion. One goal that is very achievable and worth reaching is to upgrade your kitchen cabinets.

As a focal point for many families, the kitchen plays a huge role in the feel and functionality of your home. But just like your wardrobe, what looked perfect when you first bought it may need a makeover. Since cabinets are an integral part of that room, they can be a key ingredient in satisfying your hunger for change.

Opposites attract attention

If your drab old kitchen is getting you down, maybe it’s time to mix things up. Placing light colored kitchen cabinets alongside dark ones is a simple change that makes a powerful statement. For added differentiation, install glass doors in one of the kitchen cabinets to display elegant wine glasses or decorative plates. Then bring it all together with a modern backsplash that incorporates both colors.

The result will be similar to your relationship: a generous helping of commonalities with enough contrast to keep it interesting.

Paint, Paper, Pop

To make glass-fronted or open kitchen cabinets stand out without the need for a major overhaul, try painting your interiors in a bold color or hanging wallpaper on the back of kitchen cabinets. Choose a color that contrasts with the items on display but blends in well with the rest of the room’s décor.

As with any of these kitchen cabinet changes, a custom designer can offer valuable advice on what works and what doesn’t. Best of all, even if they do all the hard work, you can take credit when the rave reviews come in.

Put a cork

A bulletin board or cork board is a great solution for staying on track and minimizing clutter. But from an aesthetic point of view, it is somewhat lacking. It’s a problem that cries out for a creative solution, and kitchen cabinets are up to the challenge. Imagine a message board on the side of a pantry with a cabinet door enclosing it. For the person who wants it all, this approach to kitchen cabinets will keep them organized without detracting from the overall design scheme. Do you get the message?

Colorful character

There’s nothing worse than taking a “less is more” approach to home décor, only to find that, in some cases, “less is actually less.”

If your neutral-themed kitchen is almost boring, let kitchen cabinets save the day. Pick a vibrant color like yellow or red and strategically splash it onto a panel of kitchen cabinets. Don’t go so far as to be overwhelming; just add enough to spice up the space. If the old-fashioned look was sapping your enthusiasm, this one is sure to put some color on your cheeks.

Look inside

As your mom tried to tell you when you lost the battle with a prominent pimple, it’s what’s inside that counts. Maybe you didn’t buy it then, but it’s an easy sell when it comes to kitchen cabinet storage. A sliding drawer under the sink helps you organize cleaning supplies while keeping them easily accessible. Like your mom, she is the perfect combination of inner and outer beauty.

So if your current kitchen has seen better days, check it out as an opportunity to start over. And if your mother-in-law is really affecting you, maybe you just need to see her in a new light; or a new area code.

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