How to make money with your digital camera

Today, almost everyone has a digital camera and uses it quite often to take pictures of family and friends, the birth of a child, or their new car or house. Nowadays, people even take pictures with their phone, so they always have a camera to make a photographic record of the events in their lives. Many people never realize that their candid shots could earn them an extra income.

Earning money using your digital camera is a great way to supplement your income or turn it into your full-time income. Freelance photographers are in demand today. Interesting photos are needed all over the world, so the market is wide open for those people who love to take photos.

Right now there are a lot of opportunities on the internet and in local markets where people are looking for photos to use in advertising, whether it be newspaper ads or magazine ads; book covers websites, desktop computers.

Some of the many companies looking for fresh photos include:

Real estate agents for signs and other signs for sale

Travel agents need them for brochures.

Executives need them for business proposals and reports

graphic artists

Website Owners

non profit


Greeting card companies… the list is limited only by your imagination!

In addition to trying to sell your photos on your own, you can sell your photo to a stock photo company and let them sell your photos over and over again. Not only will you earn money from the sale of the photo, but if you negotiate correctly, you will receive royalties every time the photo is used. Royalties are a percentage earned from the sale of those photos each time they are sold.

And there are many in-demand photo sites on the internet that will buy photos from freelance photographers. It is such an easy and fun business because all you need is your digital camera and an internet connection. You don’t need film; You don’t need printers or developing equipment. Just point your camera and shoot, then upload your photos to your computer and send the photos to photo sites.

When taking photos for commercial use, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the person who will be buying your photos. Find out what they are looking for and give it to them.

The world is full of possibilities for salable photos. When shooting for pleasure, consider opportunities to capture human interest stories. Some examples would be:

The old man feeding the pigeons in the park.

Children, particularly babies

A bride and groom leaving the church

Beautiful flowers, particularly close-ups

sunrises and sunsets


But don’t just take any photo, be creative, find something unique in those scenes that you think someone else will want to buy to own.

You can also take these photos with a view to turning them into a unique screen saver and selling them online. Can you imagine thousands or millions of people downloading your photos and using them on their desktop? What a thrill. Almost like being a celebrity.

What a wonderful way to make a living: doing something you love.

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