How to define fonts on a website to increase readability?

A visitor will come to a website again and again, giving them an exceptional viewing experience.

There are many aspects that must be taken into account to increase the readability of a website. The key to readability lies in many factors, such as design, color contrast, font choice, and many more. The choice of the font is an element that must be handled correctly to gain readability. However, there are no specific rules or formulas for choosing the correct font. These are the suggestions, which come from experimenting with fonts.

The first point to remember is that the size, style and format of the font used on your website affects the reader who visits the website. You must know how this aspect is settling to increase readability.

There are basically two categories of fonts which are serif and sans serif. Examples of serif fonts are courier new, Georgia, and Times new roman. Arial, Tahoma, Helvetica, and Franklin Gothic are sans serif fonts, which are fonts without additional curves at the letter tips.

Sans serif fonts in the second category are supposed to be more readable on computer screens and recommended for body text, while serif fonts are suitable for printed material. To improve the readability of a web page, you can use sans serif fonts for paragraphs and serif fonts for headings.

Simple and clean font is the key to improving the readability of a website. If you are highlighting some phrase, then it must be the same font size, otherwise it may interrupt the reading flow. The entire body of the text is not shown in capital letters as text of similar size is difficult to read and makes the reading process much slower. A faint gray color will not catch the reader’s attention and can be used for the information that has to be there, however, it is not central, such as the date of publication, the author.

Titles and subtitles should be highlighted with bold fonts. It helps the reader to scan the text comfortably. To improve readability, larger fonts, underlines, and different colors can be used for titles. Verdana and Georgia are the two fonts that can provide excellent readability, as they are created especially for on-screen display.

To increase readability, use a basic, simple, and easily readable text font and avoid small font sizes. You can see the difference in a website’s readability by trying these tips above on using fonts.

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