How to build a hydrogen generator and run your car on water

My daughter and I built a hydrogen generator for less than $ 125.00 and with materials we found at the hardware store. We have cut our gas bills in half by installing this hydrogen generator in our car and now we use water as gas.

It actually supplements regular gasoline and increases the efficiency at which the fuel burns, dramatically increasing gas mileage.

To build a hydrogen generator you need a detailed guide to do it safely and accurately, but the basic concept is to install a small container in the engine compartment, fill it with water and a little baking soda, hit it with electricity from the battery and the water molecules break down into what is known as Brown’s gas.

This gas then uses the engine’s vacuum to draw it into the air manifold and into the engine, where it combines with regular gasoline and burns more completely.

You don’t have to make alterations to the car’s engine or computer and it works on both the carburetor and the fuel injection systems.

By adding a fuel line heater and a device that tricks the oxygen sensor into thinking you’re still getting lousy fuel economy, you can increase your fuel economy by 50-100%!

Fuel prices are not going to drop anytime soon, so you must get your hands on plans to build your own hydrogen generator. Like I said, it’s inexpensive and the parts you need are readily available.

Thousands of people have converted their cars to run on water and are achieving amazing results.

Not only are they getting better gas mileage, their cars are actually running smoother and quieter, extending engine life.

This technology has been around for years and has been proven to be safe and effective. You can build and install a hydrogen generator in a weekend and run your car on water!

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