How can I make my 4X4 look better?

Let’s be honest; We’ve all seen some amazing-looking four-wheelers on the road. Whether it’s a big lift kit, huge tires, or a driveline painted a different color, there are many things you can do to make your four-wheel drive look good. However, to begin with, be sure to research the legalities of changing anything on your car. Making modifications that are not approved by an engineer will get you in serious trouble and void your insurance.

However, a small lift kit, some slightly larger tires, a rear bar, and a roll bar will make a big difference to the look of your car. Installing some spotlights in legal positions will also improve the night vision and appearance of your car. Other mods that make an all-wheel drive look good are alloy wheels (though they’re not always the best in terms of strength and cost a lot!), Snorkel, Winch, and Turbo Kits.

Keeping your car clean is another way to make your vehicle look good. Cars that get dirty or muddy are likely to have to do a terrible paint job later on. Most of the mud is as salty as beach sand, which will ruin the paint in no time. I find muddy terrain tires make your vehicle look better, although they are not always very practical on the road! The roof racks are not only practical, but they look pretty good as well as a roof top tent, a set of rear drawers, UHF radio inside, center console, differential locks, shackles and the list goes on and on. .

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