Goal Setting – 13 Secrets of World-Class Achievers by Vic Johnson – Book Review

Title and author: Goal Setting: 13 Secrets of World-Class Achievers by Vic Johnson

Contents synopsis:

The late Jim Rohn always said that there are no fundamental new principles for success. Vic Johnson would agree and in this book he introduces timeless success principles that you may have read about before from your own unique perspective.

Johnson admits in this book that there are no secrets to success. He tells you that he used that term in the title for you to read the book, because everyone is looking for secrets to get ahead. Only when you stop the futile search for shortcuts and secrets and learn the fundamental principles that thousands of successful people have tried and followed, does success happen.

Johnson is widely read in this area and brings some of the most successful publications as well as real-world examples to illustrate the principles he teaches. He believes that what you think and how you think defines who you become and what you accomplish. Follow the thinking of James Allen, Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield, and many others. The advantage of reading this book is that it brings together a century of writing on these topics into a list of principles and applications that have been shown to work.

Johnson organizes these “secrets” into thirteen titles:

Number 1: great doers are great dreamers.

Number 2: Understand the beginning of all achievement.

Number 3: What you see is what you get.

Number 4: learn to believe.

Number 5: Stand on the shoulders of giants.

Number 6: Have a laser-focused approach to managing your time.

Number 7: Act now and keep acting.

Number 8: Champions handle fear and doubt.

Number 9: FIDO is more than just a dog name.

Number 10: Do what others will not do today so that you can do what others cannot do tomorrow.

Number 11: Experience the power of a mastermind.

Number 12: It’s about principles.

Number 13: Look for world-class mentors and coaches.

This book is half instruction on the principles of success and half motivation based on their own life stories and the stories of others who have learned this material and made it work for them.

The book is written not only for motivation and instruction; is a workbook with specific exercises that you can use to put these principles into practice.


Anyone who wants to continually improve and learn the principles that have led others to success would benefit from this book. If you’ve read a lot of literature on success, you won’t find much news here. However, you will reinforce what you have already learned and benefit from Johnson’s perspective. Reading this book could replace reading a dozen other such books because it condenses everything into one focus. If you haven’t read in this area, this book is an excellent introduction.

Readability / Writing quality:

This book is well written and easy to follow. It is well organized and broken down by titles and subtitles.

Notes on the author:

Vic Johnson is an author and speaker who has created several motivational websites.

Three great ideas you can use:

1. People who don’t have goals work for those who do. Setting clear, realistic goals and then using them to guide your efforts is the key to success.

2. There are no magical powers at work that make some people succeed and others fail. Average people are average because they have average thoughts. Exceptional people are exceptional because they have exceptional thoughts.

3. If you want to change and grow, you must do things that are not natural or comfortable for you.

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Goal Setting: 13 Secrets of World-Class Achievers by Vic Johnson

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