Free Reiki Course: How to Become a Reiki Master in 48 Hours

Many people often look for free reiki courses and lessons, that’s perfectly fine, but just before blindly searching without understanding the essence of this healing art and what the reiki master is, in this article I will lay out a simple but effective truth. about reiki. .

Reiki can be described as a natural and simple healing method, allowing anyone to absorb more vital energy. The system uses or optimizes your life force by balancing the energies in your body. This natural energy flows in a very efficient and focused format through the hands of the Reiki healer. The healer places his hands on the various chakras, energy channels, there are seven main energy channels, and by weighing these centers, his body will return to harmony. Once the balance is reconditioned, the body can begin to heal from within.

Reiki is easily integrated into numerous aspects of your daily life and helps you enjoy the relaxing and healing properties of life energy. The building blocks are definitely the attunement or process to “start” the life energy within you.

To be a reiki practitioner or master, one has to get the proper attunement. This attunement is an integral part of any reiki class, attunement is just something to read but not applicable.

At the moment of an attunement, you are given the link to energy through symbols and are used to help you focus. The first reiki symbol of the three mastered in Reiki level 2 is the power symbol called “Cho Ku Rei” and it is used to focus energy and for protection. The other two are Sei Hei Ki and Hon Sha ze Sho Nen. Each symbol represents a specific type of universal energy.

Reiki self-attunement or attunement at a distance made it possible for someone to become a complete reiki master, all at once, without the waiting period and without different levels. Some teachers or sensei under this concept also offer a master’s course in just 48 hours.

Students traditionally receive within 3 (three) levels. After completing level one training, the student will be able to easily perform hand healing, as well as for other purposes. In level two they will learn the symbols that will allow them to perform distance healing. After completing level 3, students will become reiki masters, who can perform many of the functions within level 1 and level two, as well as the ability to tune in to others and pass on this incredible method of healing.

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