Ford Transit Leasing: Analyzing the Benefits of Choosing Transportation Over Other Commercial Vans

To date, Ford Transit is one of the most successful vehicles ever launched on the UK commercial van market. With Ford’s century-old heritage, the Transit has been the vehicle of choice for UK business owners since 1965. Over all these decades, more than 2.2 million Ford Transit Custom vans have been sold on the UK market. United. Did you know that one in four UK commercial vans is a Ford Transit? Yes, and the sweetest part of the story is that you can now lease a Ford Transit instead of buying one, so you need to spend a lot less now to speed up your regular business operations. There are a host of Ford Transit leasing companies in the UK who are ready to deliver the van to you, with incredibly flexible payment terms!

Why choose Ford Transit over any other commercial van?

In 2013, the Transit was Ford’s third best-selling car. The van has stiff competition from companies like Citroen Relay, Mercedes Sprinter and Vauxhall Movano in terms of sales. You can now find more than 450 Ford Transit variants, ranging from compact vans to minibuses. A compelling reason to choose Ford Transit over its closest competitors is the wide variety of models that promise to meet the precise requirements of different business owners. Other than that, what are the other good reasons to give Custom a preference? Here’s an exploration.

Amazingly low running costs

The skyrocketing price of fuel is a major headache for the average UK businessman. If you have a small or medium-sized business, your main goal should be to use fuel and other resources that are depleted as little as possible to get the maximum profit. Ford Transit can certainly live up to your expectations in this regard. When it comes to CO2 emissions, the Transit is one of the best in its class (with the latest ECOnetic version emitting a meager 169g of CO2 per kilometer)! In addition, automatic start and stop, gear change indicator, regenerative braking and all the other similar features translate into higher fuel efficiency and greater cost-per-kilometer savings.

Large cargo space

The Ford Transit is a HUGE truck. Whether you choose panel trucks or minibuses or anything in between, you can get more cargo space than many other commercial trucks. On top of that, the sturdy plastic cargo floor can make long trips child’s play.

Ergonomic rear doors

Although the whole vehicle is something of a co-worker, the hatchback certainly deserves a special mention here. The cargo space and the tailgate are both designed in a way that loading and unloading heavy and large items would turn out to be a fairly simple task. The doors can be opened wide and that makes it easier than ever for workers to load or unload cargo.

Safe and reliable

Ford subjected the Transit (panel van) to a scrupulous test that required the commercial van to travel 680,000 miles under certain stringent conditions. The most fascinating part is that the actual commercial van operators were asked to drive the vehicle for most of the long distance traveled. Ford worked, in his comments and the end result is here, a tough off-road vehicle eager to get his business on the wheels. The advanced ECS stability systems define the level of safety of the commercial van. Other important components of the safety mechanism are airbags, Load Adaptive Roll Stability Control (LARSC), and cornering control technology, just to name a few.

As a final point, the Ford Transit is without a doubt an embodiment of superior performance, high fuel efficiency and unmatched stability. However, for those who put a great emphasis on aesthetics as well, this is a classy commercial van that can signify a serious mark for your business.

Whether you buy a Transit or opt for a Ford Transit lease, it will be a wise investment decision.

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