Everything you need to know about glass and crystal knobs

Glass Pulls and Pulls Versus Glass Pulls and Pulls: Which is More Durable?

Crystal and glass may appear the same at first glance, but the composition of each is what gives the two their remarkable difference. While all glass is made of glass, not all glass can be classified as glass. Crystal glass is generally classified as having a percentage (an amount that varies between different countries in the world) of lead oxide added to its composition. Without lead, and often with other small infusions of different elements, added to the composition of the product, the composition is what we would call basic silica glass.

So let’s say you’re deciding between a glass knob and a glass knob for your front door or for your kitchen cabinets. You’re not so concerned about price or design, but rather, which one will hold up the longer? So which of the two materials will be more durable? The answer is crystal, but expect it to come at an additional cost.

Due to the addition of lead to glass, glass is heavier than its counterpart. Therefore, its additional weight gives the glass more long-term durability. On a side note, glass is also clearer and brighter than glass and can reflect light better. This is why some people prefer crystal in their lights and chandeliers, to give their room a brighter and more beautiful atmosphere.

But let’s get back to the issue of durability. Again, due to the added weight that glass has, it is heavier by nature and will feel more solid to someone holding it. Furthermore, glass tends to be hollow on the inside, whereas glass items are generally pure glass throughout. But be careful. Just because glass is more durable and solid than glass does not mean that it is less brittle. Glass is softer than glass and can break just as easily when dropped. However, the composition of glass allows better protection against wind and weather elements than glass.

The basic composition difference between glass and crystal is what gives glass its heaviest feel and longest lasting characteristics. It also tends to be a more reflective material, making any room much brighter. If you are more concerned with long-lasting function, you definitely want to buy crystal. Lookintheattic.com carries a wide variety of crystal (and glass) items, from knobs and knobs, to rosettes and even fine dinnerware.

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