Eat It All In Glenwood Springs, Colorado Restaurants

Glenwood Springs Restaurants

So you’re in the mood for some delicious fresh seafood. The only problem is, well… you’re in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. The nearest sea is a thousand miles away. Fortunately, in Glenwood Springs there are numerous fine restaurants that go out of their way to bring not only fresh seafood and sushi to your table, but also fabulous steaks and imaginative American and Asian recipes.

Fins Grille and Raw Bar, in the heart of trendy downtown Glenwood, offers a truly inspired and eccentric seafood menu.

Fins doesn’t try to hide the fact that it’s relatively expensive fine dining in the midst of a sea of ​​blue-collar restaurants.

However, that class and style does not lead to snobbery at all. The atmosphere in the raw U-shaped bar area is always lively. The bartender mixes drinks and the chefs prepare sashimi and shell oysters, as well as banter with the locals, who constantly fill seats during Fins’ famous happy hour. The prices are much less expensive than the usual happy hour dinner fare, but the portion sizes and selection are amazing. Show up early for happy hour as seating in the lounge area is quite limited.

Juicy Lucy doesn’t inspire thoughts of fine dining, but this upscale riverfront steakhouse in Glenwood takes the dining experience seriously.

Regularly voted to the top of Glenwood restaurants, the bustling atmosphere and choice steaks can make Juicy Lucy’s a hard seat to come by. However, even on weekends, the experienced management, bartenders and kitchen staff are able to transport waiting customers through the bar with its extensive wine and beer lists and fabulous cocktails.

You may be wanting brunch or lunch and the usual fast food fare just won’t cut it. A distinctive pick is Rivers Restaurant.

Located near the river in the southern part of the city, Rivers’ Sunday morning brunch is a well-known local treasure. Offers include the usual eggs and hash browns or change the paradigm a bit with crêpes de sarassins or neptune eggs. If it’s Sunday lunch, select a slice of Greek pizza or the Lower Valley Salad with delicious grilled salmon.

If you’re looking for a highly diverse and unique menu in an accessible and casual setting, plan to eat at The Pullman in downtown Glenwood.

The selections at The Pullman are a diverse mix of simple yet tempting, fresh and delicious American seafood and some spectacular Mediterranean dishes.

Recently opened, The Pullman promises to be a favorite of the vegetarian scene, as organic and vegetarian options are widely promoted.

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