Disney World or Disney Land? What is the difference between the two? Which attraction is at Disney World and which attraction is at Disney Land? Disney Land is in California, but since you came to this article you must be looking for Disney World, which is outside of Orlando. Disney World in Orlando has tons of delightful and exciting attractions for you and your children. This guide will detail the Disney Orlando parks.

Magic Kingdom

  • Fantasy land

Fantasy Land is located just behind Cinderella’s Castle, just to the north, in the central area of ​​the Magic Kingdom. Fantasy Land might be the park that most will say is the most Disney-like. It incorporates the most famous and memorable films from Worlds of Disney. Three Disney princesses live in Fantasy Land. The Little Mermaid, Belle, the princess from Beauty and the Beast, and Cinderella make appearances for autographs and photo opportunities. Ariel can be found in Ariel’s Grotto, where she sports her mermaid tail. Cinderella makes an appearance in Cinderella’s Castle found in Fantasy Land. The castle is the iconic image of Disney World. Be sure to take a photo with you and your family right in front of the Castle. Also found in Fantasy Land is Cinderella’s Golden Carousel, a Cinderella-themed spinning carousel ride. Children ride horses in the colors of the rainbow, while the merry-go-round spins for two minutes.

Fantasy Land is also home to one of Disney’s oldest attractions: Dumbo the Flying Elephant. On this classic Disney World ride, kids and their parents ride little Dumbos. The Dumbos “fly” like him in the movie. The Dumbos are attached to a revolving center that carries the Dumbos in circles. The joysticks that children can use on each Dumbo control how high each Dumbo flies. Another ride based on a Disney classic is The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Guests travel in honey pot vehicles. It’s a pretty smooth ride; children go through various sets that illustrate scenes from the classic book and movie. The storybook rides continue in Fantasy Land with Snow White’s Scary Adventures. Despite the sinister name, the journey only tells the story of Snow White, with her happy ending.

Remember the famous tea scene in Alice in Wonderland? This scene inspired the famous attraction, Mad Tea Party. Children spin in giant teacups. Be careful! Do not eat or drink before this walk, as the constant turning can cause dizziness. And what kind of a visit to Fantasy Land is it without a visit to the world famous It’s a Small World? Yes, it is located right here in Fantasy Land. Parents bring earplugs; the song plays in a loop during the 15-minute run. Bring more. Your kids may need a little too after a while. Before leaving Fantasy Land, be sure to check out the Mickey 3-D show, Mickey’s PhilharMagic. This program features images that appear to come straight off the screen, water that seems to splash from the screen, and many other really cool effects. Take the kids here for a show that will blow them away.

  • Liberty square

Liberty Square is one of six themed mini-lands located in the northwest area of ​​the Magic Kingdom. It is sandwiched between Fantasy Land and Frontier Land. Liberty Square aims to replicate the era of American independence. The square contains replicas of the bell and the tree of liberty. It is also famous for the Hall of Presidents, which features animated robots of all the presidents of the United States talking about their history. Another equally famous ride in Liberty Square is the carnival classic: the Haunted Mansion. As you enter the doors of the Haunted Mansion, missions are set for what they hope to find inside. They pass through a cemetery complete with animated robotic headstones and moving eyes. Then, guests ride buggies through the Haunted Mansion. I don’t want to spoil the surprises in each room, but be warned: 999 ghosts are said to live in the Mansion. Before you go, Disney artists are scattered around Liberty Square ready to draw your caricature.

  • The world of tomorrow

Tomorrow Land occupies the entire eastern space of the Magic Kingdom. Tomorrow Land’s theme is the “future” and there are many space themed attractions in this park. It is serviced by the Tomorrow Land Transit Authority, a fictional “train system” designed to represent the mass transit of the future. The journey takes guests through Tomorrow Land and its attractions, giving them a sneak peek at parts not seen from the initial attraction.

Tomorrow Land is home to one of the most famous and popular roller coasters (average wait time of thirty minutes) at DisneyWorld: Space Mountain. Since this is a roller coaster, there is a height requirement of 44 inches. I don’t want to ruin the trip, but rest assured, there are plenty of space and alien objects to see on the journey before its end, which takes place in complete darkness.

Continue your journey into space with Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Here, visitors take control of a blaster gun and shoot targets for points as the journey through Buzz Lightyear’s space universe progresses. It’s a pretty fun combination of arcade shooter with Toy Story Twist. You and your family can get up close to an alien in Stitch’s Great Escape! It is an interactive show with the main character from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch. Stitch obviously runs away and through the use of special effects the audience feels like Stitch is crawling on them.

Tomorrow Land also features Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. Here, real-life voice actors voice animated monsters that appear on screen. Since live voice actors perform the voices, each show is unique and will include references to people in the audience. Your kids will find that monsters are “real” and can see them! Finally come back to Earth with Tomorrow Land Indy Speedway, an attraction that allows your kids to do what they always wanted: drive a car.

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