Dentists discuss the benefits of MI Paste

Experts in cosmetic dentistry use the tools to combat cavities and other dental diseases in their patients. Numerous activities can damage the teeth and create an acid imbalance in the mouth. When that happens, teeth can lose nutrients and strength, and patients can have trouble producing enough saliva that contains the minerals needed to keep teeth strong and healthy.

Strengthens tooth enamel, reduces sensitivity, prevents white spot lesions during orthodontics, and provides a buffer from plaque acid, working with the mouth’s natural defense system, saliva, to create a healthy oral environment .

Aging, reactions to medications, illness, chemotherapy, and stress can cause a decline. Pregnancy or chronic gastric reflux can also create an imbalance in the mouth. Tooth sensitivity from routine cleanings, teeth whitening procedures, or worn tooth enamel can interfere with everyday life.

An effective and fast-acting way to counteract these problems is through the use of MI Paste, which restores minerals. The milk protein paste binds to plaque, bacteria, soft tissue and dentin and slowly releases the minerals needed to form enamel.

MI Paste works in conjunction with the saliva in the mouth to protect teeth and soft tissues, remove bacteria and food from the teeth, and reduce enamel abrasion. Increased saliva flow helps restore normal pH levels in the mouth and replenishes key minerals needed to rebuild tooth enamel, including calcium, phosphate, and fluoride ions.

patients often comment on decreased tooth sensitivity after one application. Dentists notice a significant improvement in the strength and health of patients’ teeth after regular use of the paste.

Depending on the individual needs of the patient, they can apply MI Paste in the office or instruct the patient on how to apply the paste at home.

After cleaning the teeth with fluoride toothpaste, the patient or dentist smears a small amount of MI Paste across the tooth surfaces with a clean finger or cotton-tipped applicator once or twice a day. Patients must leave the paste untouched for a minimum of three minutes and do not need to rinse or spit it out. Dentists recommend applying the product before bedtime to allow the material to dissolve slowly overnight.

Individual results of the effectiveness of MI Paste may vary from patient to patient, depending on their situation and use. When MI Paste is prescribed for tooth sensitivity, most patients notice the results after one application, but when MI Paste is used to reverse or minimize white spot lesions from orthodontic procedures, patients often need to two to three months of applications twice a day to see satisfactory results.

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