Dating Tips: How To Flirt And Attract Conservative Asian Women

Here are THREE easy tips to do if you want to flirt and attract your Asian woman without spoiling it. I encourage you to make this a long-term plan because the miracle advice other dating coaches give will not work. Conservative women don’t really move that easily, HOWEVER here are some absolutely effective ways to Make her love you. So would you rather be this aggressive guy who tries and fails, or the guy that conservative women START sleeping with?

1) The key is to be humble.

If your image is that you are an outgoing guy, or if you are five foot two and she is 5’1 “, you definitely want to balance that act by being humble.

Conservative Asian women LOVE self-deprecating humor, especially if it is established that you are the coolest. It’s a fact that conservative Asian women are not afraid to praise, so if she tells you that you are really awesome or cool for wearing that new $ 60 Zanerobi T-shirt, you better jokingly tell her that you’ve been wearing it for the past 3 days. and he must be kissing your ass. Once again, the laughter will occur because you have chosen to show humility.

2) Talk about the possibilities and don’t push for a date.

Usually the deciding factor is being overly aggressive and aggressive. This is what most foreigners have trouble with when it comes to conservative Asian women.

In my training system, we have a term called Omen. What that means is giving you the possibility of a future date.

Instead of saying “we should go on a date,” say, “Imagine if we went for a walk on the beach this weekend, it would be a lot of fun, right?”

Look at it from the eyes of a conservative Asian woman. You practically live a very introverted life, or even if you had some social activities, they are probably not gateways to meeting a boyfriend. If you “foreshadow” it, she will figure it out and SHE will be the one who wants to say yes.

When you push for a date, she will immediately think of a yes or no answer. When you portend not just one, but multiple dates as a possibility in your head, things change. Now you have all these beautiful things like sipping wine at the hotel bar, walking on the beach, trying tai chi for the first time, or taking a nice walk in the park as options. Instead of YOU forcing the date, she will look at your schedule, have a day off, and because she has set the vision, she will be excited to join you.

Trust me guys, I’m never wrong about this.

3) Make friends with their close friends

A conservative Asian woman has a small and tight-knit group of friends, and they are most likely conservative as well. If you follow these techniques, don’t blame me if everyone ends up wanting to sleep with you because that has happened to me many, many times. Asian women are all about intrigue, so if you create intrigue by approaching her close friends, she will love you much more because it shows that you can “exist” in her world.

I don’t mean you have to stand there and play Monopoly with everyone while watching a Korean soap opera that you don’t understand, but spend time with their friends. Again, perhaps in other cultures your different but conservative Asian women VALUE friendship and closeness, and want their best friends and lovers in the same “field” whenever possible.

While I’m not suggesting that you befriend your parents ASAP, your close friends will for now. You’ll want to build enough allies within their group of friends who think you’re cool, and that will eventually help you with the showdown with the parental units.

But I’m getting ahead of myself and a conservative girl comes to me who is quite intrigued with sake bombs. So, I will tell you in my next article what you will find on my blog.

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