Coon Dog Breeding: Why is using a birthing box important for a successful litter?

When breeding coon dogs, there are many factors that come into play. The slightest thing can make your whole plan go out the window and you could even end up with sick or dead raccoon hound puppies. If you are an experienced breeder, you may know what a farrowing box is. If not, I am going to explain what they are and why they are important to raising a successful litter of healthy coon hound puppies.

A birthing box is a fancy word for a dog box whose sole purpose is to house the female dog while she gives birth and nurses her puppies. However, there is more to the birthing box. They are designed with many functions to protect the mother and the cubs. Have you ever had a female to lie on top of a puppy and catch it between her and the side of the dog crate? This will likely kill a puppy, especially a newborn. I have seen and heard about this for longer than I care to remember.

The birthing box is specially designed to prevent the mother from crushing her young. The sides are constructed so that there are “bumpers” that provide a kind of corner. This corner will prevent the puppy from being crushed by its mother. These can be added to any dog ​​book without much expense if necessary. I’ve often used 2x4s that were nailed all the way around with enough room to fit a pup. This method has helped me get out of a lot of traffic jams when I needed a fast delivery box.

Make sure your birthing box is well ventilated but keeps the litter warm. Of course, this will depend on the season, but use common sense. Puppies need warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. Don’t underestimate the power of the elements if you want to have a successful litter of coon puppies.

Birthing boxes can be made from various materials. I’ve seen them made of plastic, wood, metal, and a combination of these. You can make your own birthing box or you can buy one online or at a specialty type pet store like Petco. You may want to search online to find what you like before trying to find one in a store. I have often found great deals online without having to leave home to receive a good one for the next litter.

In conclusion, birthing boxes can help you lose fewer puppies due to neglected mothers and the elements as well. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make one, but you can also buy one if you want. So if you want your next litter of Coon Hound puppies to be up there with the parents, I highly recommend using one …

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