Commercial and Retail Property Leasing: How to Submit a Proposal for an Owner Listing

In investment properties, owners who own premises always require leasing assistance. They will rarely turn down a genuine tenant’s offer at market rent. For this reason, if you as a real estate agent focus on monitoring your market and the tenants that are active or potentially active, you will create more opportunities for listings. The owners will listen to you. More of your presentations and sales pitches will become listings.

Landlords want the best agent when it comes to leasing vacancies they have. Your searchable database of your local market is critical to attracting landlords to your leasing services. So if you want to control your leasing market, focus on your database and the query that is in it.

When submitting vacancies to lease to local landlords, try these rules:

  • Show them the size of your database as a big document they can touch and see. Put it on the table during the presentation or launch.
  • Talk to the owner about the recent market rents that have been achieved with other comparable properties in the area. Explain the advantages and differences between gross and net rents as you see them for your premises.
  • Explain what incentives exist in the market to attract tenants in current terms. Your landlord may need guidance or help with incentive structures and decisions.
  • Make sure you have inspected the property in detail so that you can discuss with her and the characteristics of the property around which you will build your inspection and marketing strategies.
  • Identify the target market that will be attracted to the property and how you will take advantage of that target market.
  • Explain how the situation is currently regarding the market time for the lease of premises. What is the vacancy factor in the area or region that can affect the rental requirement of owners?
  • Tell the landlord what you consider to be the essential data that tenants require in the current tenancy situation
  • Give the landlord an idea of ​​how the best lease might be structured, what the rents are, and how rents might improve over time.
  • Discuss the permitted use and zoning of the premises that will impact future leasing strategy.
  • How do services and amenities at the property track current consultation for leased premises?

Landlords in this real estate market need the help of agents to find tenants. Rarely will a landlord truly have all the resources and solutions available to lease the premises that the local real estate agent has. These 10 facts above will help you prove that you are the real estate agent of choice to market the vacancy to the owner. If the vacancy and property are of high quality, insist on an exclusive appointment with the leasing agency so that you can focus your efforts on the market and the facilities for at least 8 weeks. If the property has not been rented in that time, something else is affecting the marketing or inquiry base.

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